‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Billie Lee Recounts Terrifying Encounter With A Group of Sex Traffickers

billie lee opens up

Billie Lee is opening up about the scariest night of her life. The Vanderpump Rules star recalls the time she a group of sex traffickers approached her. The reason why she’s sharing her experience is because she wants to let her fans to know that if it can happen to her, then it can happen to anyone. Billie let it all out on Instagram on Monday, Nov. 25 when she detailed the terrifying experience of being at the hands of “aggressive” men with dark intentions.

‘Vanderpump Rules’ star Billie Lee narrowly escapes a group of strange men

As previously reported via Too Fab, Billie revealed that she was almost abducted into a sex trafficking ring after a night out drinking with friends. She said that the night would’ve gone much differently if she wasn’t aware and didn’t listen to her gut instinct. Billie was visibly shaken up by the ordeal, as evidenced on her Instagram account. She admitted that she’s still traumatized from the incident which happened this past Saturday night.

“On Saturday night I met up with a few friends at the Abbey in West Hollywood,” the reality star said. “I was coming from the @translatinacoalition fashion show.” She goes on to say she had two glasses of wine while watching the show. Billie had a third at Pump and one beer at The Abbey. She said, “I started leaning on my friends as I was clearly intoxicated, feeling embarrassed for being too drunk. I decided to get my ass home so I left my friends around 12:30AM to find my Lyft.”

Billie continued her story

When she was left alone, Billie said she walked by Pump when “three men swooped up around me and begged me to come with them.” She said that the men were “aggressive” and wouldn’t “take no for an answer.” Billie was so distraught that she didn’t know what to do next. She tried to get a Lyft ride. When she saw a car pull up, she thought it was her Lyft ride.

“The driver looked like the driver on my Lyft app,” she explained. “As I got in, I left my door open asking the driver who he was picking up and he said just get in. I asked for Billie? He said yes, yes close the door.”


Billie still didn’t feel right and got out of the vehicle as quickly as possible. Then she found her driver right behind the vehicle she was in. Once she entered the Lyft and verified her driver, she broke down into tears. That’s when Billie realized these men had malicious intentions. They were a group of professionals who were trying to “lure me to a second location.”

Billie made it home safely

Though Billie called 9-1-1 the moment she got home, she admitted they didn’t provide much help. The operator said it wasn’t an emergency situation. That’s when Billie wondered, “If I was just a little more intoxicated would I have made it home safe? Who is next?” This prompted Billie to share her story.

The transgender SUR hostess ended her message by begging her female fans to stay alert when going out with friends and to not travel alone late at night.

“Sex trafficking is now an epidemic in our country and around the world,” Billie wrote. “It’s happening right outside our local bars. I beg you ladies reading this to be alert, never leave a bar alone even if you are embarrassed or ashamed of being intoxicated.”

Billie Lee admits bullying on ‘Vanderpump Rules’ made her suicidal

As Billie’s fans know, she’s very open and honest about everything on social media. As previously reported via TV Shows Ace, she briefly quit the reality series. The real reason she left the show was because her castmates were bullying her and excluding her from everything. It got so bad that Billie considered suicide.

It turns out the producers wanted Billie to lie and say that she slept with Tom Sandoval. She refused to say that she slept with Sandoval for drama and ratings. Billie deserves credit for all that she goes through and for staying true to herself.

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