2019 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Cancelled: What Will Fill Its Spot In CBS’ Holiday Lineup?

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The 2019 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has been officially cancelled. It will not be a part of CBS’ 2019 holiday lineup. Sluggish sales and declining interest are just some of the reasons why the lingerie brand has pulled the plug on its annual special. For many years, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was a clever marketing tool that made it popular among both men and women. However, the sexiest event of the year has been discontinued. The retail chain says it’s time for the company to evolve and grow.

Victoria’s Secret calls it quits on its annual fashion show

According to Sarah Spellings for The Cut, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was the final blow to the struggling brand. If they continued to not air the show during CBS’ holiday lineup and if it never returns, then they could risk losing their top spot as the official lingerie brand for young women in America. But, critics slammed the brand for not having enough diversity in its fashion shows and marketing campaigns. Victoria’s Secret has also been guilty of objectifying its models.

Just because Victoria’s Secret ended its iconic show doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the end of the brand. There are still hundreds of Victoria’s Secret shops across the country despite the retail apocalypse. There are plenty of young women and teenage girls who shop at Victoria’s Secret. While this latest news is a big blow to the brand, it doesn’t spell its demise.




The brand’s beauty standards

The official announcement of the cancellation of the 2019 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show just comes after several months of bad publicity. CEO John Mehas was criticized for his direct ties to Jeffrey Epstein, the late billionaire who was accused of sexual abuse of young women and girls. The brand was also criticized for its awful beauty standards.

Who needs Victoria’s Secret when there’s Savage X Fenty? Victoria’s Secret is known for its ads which featured the slogan “THE PERFECT ‘BODY'” sprawled across images of its skinny and busty supermodels. Rihanna’s lingerie brand has received praised for being empowering and representing women of all shapes, sizes, and ethnic groups. She also features women of color and disabled women in her fashion shows.

“I’m looking for unique characteristics in people that aren’t usually highlighted in the world of fashion as it pertains to lingerie,” Rihanna said during the behind-scenes-footage at one of her fashion shows. “It’s very important that the casting tells the narrative of what the brand stands for. What we stand for mainly here is exclusivity.”




CBS reveals its 2019 holiday lineup filled with Christmas classics

The news of the cancellation comes just as CBS announces its 2019 holiday TV lineup. As you may know, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show usually airs on CBS during the holiday season. So, what will fill its spot? It turns out that CBS wants to focus on cheesier and classic holiday shows this season, according to Magnolia State Live.

The 2019 holiday lineup kicks off with The Thanksgiving Day Parade on CBS. Then the kids will enjoy Frosty the Snowman and Frosty Returns on Friday night, Nov. 29. The rest of the lineup includes Robbie the Reindeer, The Story of Santa Claus, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, the 42nd Annual Kennedy Centers Honors, and the I Love Lucy Christmas Special.

However, there’s one new holiday special included in the lineup. A Home for the Holidays with Idina Menzel will make its premiere on Sunday, Dec. 22. It looks like this new special will replace the 2019 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

What are your thoughts on Victoria’s Secret cancelling its annual fashion show? Do you think it was a good call? Will you miss watching it during the holiday season? Share your thoughts below in the comments section. Check out TV Shows Ace for more television news during the holiday season.

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