Josh Duggar And Jim Bob Avoid Each Other During Family Outing

Josh Duggar, Instagram

Josh Duggar appears to be staying away from his father after an alleged federal investigation. The whole gang traveled to the Silver Dollar City Theme Park in Branson, Missouri. According to Radar Online, Jim Bob, Michelle, Josh, Anna, and a lot of the kids all went.

A source said Anna and Josh Duggar were by themselves mostly and Jana was with a female friend. Jim Bob and Michelle were off on their own with a little one. The source said, “They seemed like they were trying to distance themselves.” Anna posted to Instagram showing a united front. Those who saw the couple at the theme park said Josh avoided his dad as much as possible.

Josh Duggar Seemed Spaced Out A Source Said

The source said Josh Duggar and Anna were sitting on the ground and only with their children. The witness also expressed alarm at how far away the kids were. They were letting them roam the park. The course said, “Josh was kind of spaced out, watching his kids run from ride to ride. Josh was never with Michelle and Jim Bob from what I noticed.”

Radar Online reported that Anna actually didn’t know where one of her daughters was for a minute. She panicked and jumped up looking frantic according to a source. Jim Bob reportedly found the little girl on a ride and let her know. This alarmed parents because Anna reportedly also ‘misplaced’ her two-year-old at a museum.

Could An Alleged Investigation Be Distracting Them?

The source said that while the family was at the theme park for at least four hours, they didn’t spend much time with each other. The Homeland Security Investigation into Josh Duggar’s car lot was probably in the front of his mind. No charges have been filed and no details have been released about why there was an investigation.

Radar Online reported last year that Josh’s company had been found in violation of not having the proper permits. There’s been no news if this supposed raid was related to that.

Homeland Security representatives have refused to comment on the situation at all. While the family maintains there was no raid, at least at Jim Bob and Michelle’s home, the Homeland Security Department would neither confirm or deny any investigation.


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