Compelling Photo Evidence Suggests Jed Duggar Is Dating Jana Duggar’s Best Friend

Jana Duggar Instagram

As we’ve previously reported in a few different pieces, a lot has been going on with Counting On star Jedidiah Duggar. For starters, he finally created his own Instagram profile. He also announced his campaign for political office in Arkansas.

All of this information, however, doesn’t mean Counting On fans aren’t without questions. In fact, there is one big question looming on the minds of Duggar fans everywhere.

What is going on with Jed Duggar in the love department?

One of the many speculations when Jed Duggar finally Instagram was simple. Was he finally courting? Was there a special someone in his life?

According to Romper, compelling photo evidence has surfaced. This evidence suggest the rumors might be more than rumors. The photo evidence suggests Jedidiah Duggar might be dating someone.

Jana Duggar’s Best Friend, Laura DeMasie

As In Touch Weekly reminds us, Counting On fans are a little fickle with their courting rumors. One theory as to why Jana hasn’t settled down is because she isn’t interested in men. Some believed she and her best friend Laura DeMasie had romantic feelings for each other. Jana, however, made quick work of shutting down the rumors. Furthermore, she insisted she had no interest in dating a woman.

The Duggar family recently went on a vacation.

Several members of the Duggar family recent took a trip to Silver Dollar City amusement park. Jana, Jed, and Laura were spotted in several snapshots on Jana’s Instagram Stories.

One photo featured Laura with Jed, Jana, and Jason. Noticeably, Jed had his arm around DeMasie.

While placing your arm around someone isn’t normally what is considered hot and heavy PDA, nothing about the Duggar family is “normal.” Members of the Duggar family refrain from any form of physical contact with members of the other gender. Until they are courting anyway.

Even with courting, touching is pretty limited. Some give simple side hugs or hold hands before taking the relationship to the next level.

Duggar fans on Reddit took notice of the physical contact between Jed and Laura.

“Jed is touching Laura so they’re basically married at this point, right?” One Counting On fan jested.

Many other fans quickly questioned if they were looking at a courtship between Laura and Jed.

The picture might not mean anything at all

Romper speculates the picture might not be a courtship. The outlet believes the picture could be a fantastic idea for stirring attention for Jed’s political campaign. After all, a new Duggar courtship is a hot topic.


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