Camille Grammer Says ‘RHOBH’ Season 10 Drama Is ‘Targeted’ At Her

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Camille Grammer is really good at bringing and stirring up drama. She’s been good at it since Season 1 of RHOBH and even after she was demoted to a friend on the show. That’s why it’s no surprise she says a lot of the drama in the new season will be targeted at her when she shows up.

She tweeted that she was getting back in the game on her Twitter. Formerly she said she wouldn’t be back because it was, “Kyle’s show.” The two famously haven’t gotten along for years. Camille most likely wasn’t thrown a welcome back party when she returned to filming. This year the show is getting shaken up by some faces from the past returning including; Adrienne Maloof, Brandi Glanville, Kim Richards and Eileen Davidson.

Why Does Camille Grammer Say The Drama Is Focused On Her?

Camille Grammer stressed to US Weekly that the drama is focused on her. She said, “what I’ve seen, there’s drama targeted at me. I show up and they kind of, you know, how do I say it the right way? I feel that I show up somewhere and I felt targeted.” It makes fans wonder what she thought would happen after the way she left and the things she tweeted about Kyle.

Kyle Richards said about filming with Camille again that you’d have to ask her about it. She said, “Camille, when she gets on Twitter, she can go off. I don’t really know. We had to address that because that was something that had to be worked out.”

Camille Grammer said something similar about the drama. She said, “there are things that need to be discussed, so maybe that was the right time to do so. There you go, there’s a carrot. I just dangled!” She recently went to Lisa Vanderpump’s 4th annual Vanderpump Dog Foundation Gala. She posted a picture seen below of her with Lisa at the event.

What Does Kyle Say About The Drama For The New Season?

Kyle Richards addressed that not everything would go smoothly in the new season. She said, “Of course not everybody did not get along. Of course there was drama and stuff.” One pairing that aren’t still fighting are Brandi Glanville and Kyle who weren’t on great terms when she left.

Kyle said, “I never imagined that Brandi Glanville and I would be friendly, let alone speaking at all. It’s pretty crazy.”

So, while her and Camille Grammer may never be best friends, there is hope in the housewife universe that some people can forgive and forget.

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