‘Unexpected’: Rilah Ferrer Dyes Her Hair Pitch-Black, Removes All Content From YouTube

Unexpected Rilah Ferrer

Unexpected fans heard that Rilah Ferrer and her baby daddy Anthony broke up. Actually, she filed a charge of assault against him and he got arrested. Now, she seems determined to still live her best life without him. She shared on Instagram that she had “a breakdown” so she “dyed [her] hair.” And, fans love the new pitch-black look. But naturally, the fact she removed all content from her YouTube is concerning.

Unexpected – Rilah and Anthony split over allegations he abused her

TV Shows Ace reported that Rilah and Anthony split and then she reported him for abuse. We noted this all happened in late October and early November. So, we never saw it on the actual TLC show. That ended up with him being arrested in November after he allegedly physically hurt her at an abandoned gas station in the way to a church function. After that, Rilah was obviously angry and shared some of her feelings on social media.

However, now it seems that the Unexpected star gets on with her day-to-day life as best as she can. Rilah seems determined to make a go of being a good mom. Plus, she briefly revived her makeup tutorials on YouTube. However, she since removed all content, which does seem a bit worrying. She’s looking amazing, despite the difficult times she endured recently. Part of that seems to be her new look. On her Instagram, she shared a picture of her new hair color and fans simply loved it.

Rilah goes pitch-black, saying she suffered a ‘breakdown’ – removed YouTube Content

As Rilah removed all her content from her YouTube, it’s a bit concerning. After all, she had over 3,000 followers there.  Maybe she’s not joking about having a “breakdown?” Nevertheless, she still looks great over on her Instagram. But looks can be deceiving so we hope everything’s okay with her. On her IG, the photo she shared just got captioned with, “had a breakdown so I dyed my hair.” Unexpected fans never worried about the “breakdown” though, and maybe they assumed she joked about that.

One fan said, “I love your hair this color 😍.” Meanwhile, another with similar sentiments noted, “love it regardless.” Maybe she meant regardless of the fact Rilah said she had a “breakdown.” Others noted that Rilah now has a really lovely Latino look about her. Others commented on how much they “love the color,” and others agreed the Unexpected star looks just “gorgeous.”


What do you think about Rilah Ferrer going pitch-black with her hair? And, what about the comment about a “breakdown?” Do you think she’s joking? Or, as she removed the content from her YouTube, do you think she was serious? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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