‘Sister Wives’: Finally, A Photo Of All The Wives And Kody Brown Emerges On Social Media

Sister Wives

Sister Wives fans heard more and more rumors that Meri Brown distanced herself from the family. In fact, some people wondered if she even considered herself part of the family anymore. Plus, other rumors arose that the various wives are estranged from each other. But finally, a photo of Kody and all his wives emerged on social media on Tuesday night.

Sister Wives photo of all the wives and Kody Brown

The photo of all the wives together got shared on Instagram by Christine Brown. She captioned it with, “We feel blessed to be able to embrace our plural family in public. So grateful for open mindedness.” Well, one fan put their finger right on the situation with their comment. They wrote, “The golden photo everyone has been waiting for! Can’t wait for 14💜.” Of course, they talk about the upcoming season of the TLC show that returns in January.

But, that Sister Wives commenter really nailed it with the “golden photo.” After all, it’s been a very long time since we saw them share a collective picture. In fact, we’re not sure when the photo happened. But, they might have had a narrow window for it. After all, we reported in the last week, Meri Brown went to five different places in five days. In our story, we mentioned Meri just rushed home for a night, dumped her bags and then headed off to Atlanta.

Fans react to Brown family photo

The photo brought some relief to fans of the show. After all, the tabloids speculated that Meri split. Cheatsheet asked if Meri actually prepared her fans “for a solo life?” According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Meri and Kody take up a chunk of the new season as they go for marriage counseling.  For fans who follow her Instagram though, many of them might wonder when they find any time for it, as she seems almost permanently on the road.

Possibly because of Meri’s frequent absences, several people expressed relief that the whole family got together for the photo. One Sister Wives fan said, “Happy to see all 4 of the Sister Wife’s and Kody together in one photo 💖.” Another noted, “So happy you are ALL together 💕.” One more said, “Your show, your family, is incredible to stand up and be a voice! Love this and love that you are all together! ❤️.” Naturally, many similar sentiments got expressed. But, it might be that they all get together just to keep the TLC show on the go.


What do you think about the photo of all the wives and Kody Brown emerging on social media? Do you think it’s just for the show? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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