Disney Takes Aim At Piracy Following Launch Of Disney+

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With the release their new streaming service, Disney movies and Disney+ Originals are at an all-time high risk of piracy. In fact, Cord Cutter News reports it took no time at all for Disney+ Originals to start popping up on piracy services following the launch.

Disney, however, is well-aware of the piracy problem. In fact, they’ve recently posted a new job listing hoping to combat the issue.

Disney Is Hiring People For Their Piracy Intelligence Team

According to the listing, here’s what Disney is hoping to accomplish with their new team.

“The Piracy Intelligence team at The Walt Disney Studios is based in Burbank and provides meaningful piracy insights to inform strategies that maximize revenue for the film and TV business and minimize the piracy impact.”

In the job listing, Disney notes very little time passed between the launch of Disney+ and several of their Originals popping up on piracy platforms. So, the company wants to “crack down on it.” The company continued to explain fighting piracy was crucial in their move to selling their content directly to the consumer instead of going through a middle man such as an alternative streaming service.

Disney continued to explain they are not new to the war against piracy, they are simply beefing up their game with the release of their own streaming service.

“The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) is a group that fights piracy and has recently gone after several large piracy operations. Disney is a member and has joined in several attempts to fight piracy,” The company continued to explain.


The company admitted their exact plans regarding the fight against piracy are currently “unknown.” They, however, know they need to collect information. Information to analyze the situation and figure out what steps to take.

Moreover, the company also plans to take steps toward fighting sharing Disney+ passwords. The company doesn’t want subscribers sharing their accounts.

Eliminating  Password Sharing Is Difficult To Do

As Disney+ is far from the first streaming service. They are also far from the first company to deal with password sharing. Other companies such as Netflix and Hulu combat the issue by limiting how many screens. They limit how many can stream at the same time.


It, however, is difficult for streaming services to take other steps. This is because many people use these services on their phones and tablets. So, it is not uncommon for a single user to hop onto several different internet connections and devices.

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