Are Time Bandit Owners Johnathan And Neal Hillstrand Back On ‘Deadliest Catch’?

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Recently, TV Shows Ace has revealed that former Deadliest Catch star, Captain Johnathan Hillstrand, has hinted that he is returning to the Discovery show. His latest social media posts indicate that he is going to join his brother Neal, as they return to the Bering Sea to fish for crab. What do we know?

Former Deadliest Catch Captain Johnathan Hillstrand Back Fishing?

Deadliest Catch fans who miss the Time Bandit may safely start rejoicing. It looks as if the Hillstrands will be back for Deadliest Catch 2020. This would be Season 16.

Last week, TV Shows Ace reported that Captain Johnathan posted a video and a cryptic message on his social media, including Twitter. He included a video of crushing waves and a crab boat. Johnathan posted a mysterious message: “Maybe I was out fishing King Crab. Maybe I filmed this. Maybe I was being filmed.”

Another Cryptic Message From Captain John

On Friday, Johnathan went back to Twitter and posted a bit of a cryptic message. He said:  “I just have to say. To Anyone spreading hate on social media. Your really worse than the person that your hating and making them more relevant.Peace and watch Deadliest Cat[c]h this spring.:) ”

Hmmm. Why would a retired crab captain and former Deadliest Catch star suddenly suggest to his fans that they watch the Discovery show….unless they are on it?

Three hours later, he posted a selfie, with his wife Heather, his nephew Philip and his brother Neal. They are all at Dutch Harbor. No one is at Dutch unless they are crab fishing. Fans responded with incredible enthusiasm. The Time Bandit is one of the all-time favorite boats ever on the Deadliest Catch. John has all but confirmed their return. This is incredible news!

This photo also demonstrates that Neal is now going to be featured on the show, along with Philip. Although Neal had always been on the Time Bandit crew, it was always Captain Johnathan and Captain Andy who were featured. It looks like fans will get to know Neal Hillstrand a bit better in Season 16!

Didn’t Captain Johnathan Retire From The Deadliest Catch?

Back in Season 13, fans may recall that Captain Johnathan Hillstrand retired from crab fishing and the reality show in a blaze of glory. During Season 14, he was still out fishing. He shared videos of himself chatting about fishing and life, while he was out on the Time Bandit. Captain John joked that “bill collectors and the tax man were why he went back to work. He even asked fans to tell Discovery to bring the Time Bandit back on the Deadliest Catch.

When Season 15 started, TV Shows Ace reported that although there were plans to bring the Time Bandit back on the show, there was a big problem. The boat’s engine blew up. The Hillstrands missed the King Crab season, and fans missed having them back on their favorite show.

Looks like the wait is over: The Time Bandit is back for Season 16!

Deadliest Catch fans, do you want to see Captain Johnathan and Neal Hillstrand back on the Bering Sea? Be sure to check back with TV Shows Ace for the latest Deadliest Catch news. Deadliest Catch Season 16 will air sometime in the spring 2020.


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