RHOC’ Star Tamra Judge’s Husband Dragged For Not Supporting Her Son

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Recently on an episode of RHOC  Tamra Judge revealed she was worried her son might commit suicide. Fans are angry how her husband, Eddie, responded. According to The Blast, Eddie didn’t  have anything supportive to say when she told him about therapy. Tamra said she feels responsible her son feels the way he does, She said, “it just makes me want to die.” Judge stated she struggled with depression in the past and felt like she had no self worth.

Eddie Judge reportedly said of Ryan Vieth in a confessional, “when you’re struggling with childhood issues as a man, you’re not a man.” Fans took issue with his non-supportive comments of both his wife and his step son. One fan called him a,”cruel, careless, a$$!” After she had revealed that was her biggest fear, that her son would take his life, fans were mad Eddie didn’t say something comforting. He only said the disparaging comment in a confessional and not to her, but of course now Tamra has seen the episode.


Fans Were Angry At Tamra Judge’s Husband

Fans defended Ryan and spoke out against what Eddie had said. One fan posted, “Tamra your son is stunted because you’re stunted.” They went on to call Eddie a douche. The fan said not everyone processes things the same and has the same experiences. Some fans went after Tamra Judge as well saying grown or not she should have stood up for her son. One asked if she’d side with her son or her husband. They asked how she felt about his comments. The fan said, “I get your son can’t use his childhood as a crutch but Eddie was downright wrong with his words and delivery.”

That can’t be an easy choice to make. In the therapy session Ryan said he had negative feelings towards his mother.  He felt like his siblings had a better childhood. Tamra talked about the difficulty of raising him at seventeen. In the same episode she also fought with Shannon Beador who accused her of talking smack behind her back. When Kelly Dodd found out Tamra was the pot stirrer for the whole train rumor fiasco she stirred the pot herself. Dodd said Tamra had talked about Shannon. Despite Beador and Judge talking it out the tension is still there. The Blast reported it didn’t seem like they believed each other in their separate confessionals.

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