‘RHONJ’ Star Danielle Staub Ends 21st Engagement, Says She’s Done Dating

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub is single again. After a whirlwind romance that landed her 21st fiancé, she’s giving up on dating. There was a lot of mystery surrounding the couple. In fact, she posted a reveal photo on Instagram of her mystery man back in February.


The controversial RHONJ star recently opened up to People magazine about what caused the split and where she sees her romantic life heading.

Why Did the RHONJ Star and Boyfriend Split?

Danielle met her former fiancé, Oliver Maier, when she was in the processing of divorcing from one of her husbands, Marty Caffrey. Oliver claimed to be the Duke of Provence, whose family owns numerous vineyards and a few castles. His royal claim has never been confirmed or disputed.

Oliver and Danielle were engaged on a beach in St. Barth’s within days of her divorce from her previous husband. At the time, rumors were abound that Danielle ‘stole’ her friend’s man. After a few months of bliss, the couple quietly went their separate ways over the summer.

According to Danielle, her ex was wrapping up a stint of rehab in July when her beloved dog passed away. The RHONJ star says that Oliver wasn’t there for her the way he should have been.

“I saw him through his problems. For over six months. Stood by his side. And then, in my time of need, he was nowhere to be found. I was focused on me for the first time in our entire relationship, but because I wasn’t saving him, he didn’t care.”

The alleged Duke soon returned to Europe and hasn’t been in contact with Danielle since. “Good riddance,” according to the fiery RHOC OG.

Danielle Says She’s Been Asked out “A Lot” Since Split

The RHONJ brunette has never had a problem landing a man. It’s keeping them that seems to be her greatest struggle. She is single, but only by choice. Danielle says she is “over” dating and wants to spend more time with her family.

“I’ve had a lot of offers to date, and have been asked out a lot, but I’m not interested anymore. I’m over dating and over all that. The free time I have, I want to spend it at home with my two daughters, being happy.”

RHONJ’s Danielle Reveals How She Landed 21 Engagements

In the revealing interview, Danielle shared her feelings on her previous relationships and why many of them ended before the wedding. She recently shared a throwback photo to one of her early marriages.


“[Men]made or kept their money because they had me, a pretty woman, by their side and they didn’t have to go looking for anything. Guess what happens after that? I ended up with nothing after those relationships. That makes me the one that was used. And I’m done with that.”

Many women may be interested in knowing the RHONJ star’s secret to getting men to pop the question so early in a relationship. She says that she was simply “smart” and claimed to be a virgin. She also points out that she only actually married the 20th man to ask.

“You know how I got engaged to all 19 of those guys before I met the father of my children? I told them I was a virgin and wouldn’t [be intimate] until I was married. That will get a man to put on a ring on the finger of a woman who looked like me. I was street smart. I was smart!”

Season 10 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey just started. It airs Wednesdays on Bravo. As fans know, Danielle returned to the hit reality show as a full-time cast member.

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