‘Unexpected’: Caelan And McKayla’s Grandpa Got Physical, Maybe We’ll See It On A New Season

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Unexpected aired the Tell-All on Sunday night. What we didn’t see with Caelan and McKayla is a physical clash between McKayla’s grandpa Tim, and Caelan. We do know that since they filmed the Tell-All, Caelan and McKalya got back together. TV Shows Ace reported, that McKayla said, “Caelan is there for his kids now and he’s kind. He’s there for me and he’s proven to me that he really wants to put in some effort and be a good dad and boyfriend.” So there’s a good possibility we’ll see more of them in another season of the TLC show.

Unexpected star Caelan clashed physically with grandpa Tim

In our story,  we also noted that Caelan got supervised child-visitation at McKayla’s grandparents’ place. Now, Starcasm revealed that on one of those visits, a physical clash took place between Tim and Calean. According to their source, it went down earlier this year, “around March or April.” Allegedly, McKayla remained in the house, but not down where Caelan and the grandparents went about the visitation. So, the details never came from her. But, apparently, an altercation got physical and the cops got called.

While no charges got filed, the outlet notes that “Tim got bloodied,” and Calean was “bruised.” And, it seems “Tim’s dog” got involved which helped prevent it from getting any worse. Now, we don’t know who got physically aggressive first, but the outlet previously reported Tim once hit McKayla’ s brother, which ended up in his arrest. So, possibly the violence came from him. Perhaps this emerges in a new season if TLC brings McKayla and Caelan back to the Unexpected show.

McKalya and Caelan move into their new home

On November 2, McKayla shared a video on her YouTube, where she excitedly showed fans their new home. Now away from her grandparents, perhaps the young couple and their children, Timmy and Gracelynn might achieve some kind of normal.  McKayla’s super-excited that they took the downstairs apartment and the people upstairs won’t make a lot of noise. In fact, she noted they even text her. So, McKalya likes her neighbors, something very important.

In the video, McKayla said that she’s been sick, and then Caelan became ill, so they planned moving in over a few days. But she took the time to kiddy-proof the place. Plus, calling the gas company and buying in some food means they’re “all ready to go.” The couch and the bed set awaited delivery. The Unexpected star gave viewers a tour of the home, and she explained she wiped down and swept to make the place all clean. The place looks comfy, spacious, and almost new.


Hopefully, this time McKalya and Caelan get the chance to raise their kids with less tension. We don’t know how grandpa Tim and McKalya’s family feel about the new independent lifestyle, but hopefully, this time Caelan and McKayla make a go of it. Preferably, with no physical confrontations. What do you think? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I hope it works this time. My heart breaks for all Caelan has been put through on these shows. I’m sure it’s even worse than they show. He loves her and his kids very much. She loves herself and uses her kids to get her way. She’s a lazy, attention hound, and her grandparents are to blame. They did not do her any favors by allowing her to be so needy and giving her everything she wanted and defending her even when she was dead wrong. Her grandparents will not be around forever. She will have to grow up and learn to be a woman, mother, girlfriend/wife or she will be miserable her whole life. Such a beautiful girl, that seems she can be sweet when she wants to, but seldom wants to. It’s a real shame the way her grandparents never bothered to teach her any real-life lessons. To hear Tim say that she text him from the living room to bring her a glass of water sums up their parenting skills. She is not totally to blame for the way she has acted, but she’s over 18 now, the mother of two and it’s about time she started acting like it instead of a spoiled 12-year-old. Caelan isn’t perfect either, but he loved her through all she put him through and never stopped. You can see it in his face when he looks at her. She is actually a very lucky woman. I hope she realizes that and has a good life with Caelan, and her children. I’m wishing those two all the best life has to offer, and their children are beautiful, how could they not be with such good-looking parents. I hope they have 3 more. JK

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