‘Counting On’ Anna Duggar Breaks With Traditional Rules & Let’s Kids Watch TV

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Arguably one of the more ultra-conservative Duggar’s stuns fans when she posts about her kids being allowed to television, ShowBiz CheatSheet is reporting.

Are Duggar Family Rules Changing?

The Duggar family is infamous for having many strict rules that must be followed. They run the gamut of no television, no friends outside of family, no kissing, no pants for the Duggar girls, only side-hugs, and that’s just to name a few. Any type of entertainment that is non-secular is usually deeply frowned upon for this large and continuously growing family. Normally this isn’t news, but if you know anything about the Duggar’s, then you would know that one of the family’s biggest rules is the no-television rule, especially for their children.


A Modern-Day Brady Bunch

So when Anna Duggar recently posted a picture on Instagram about a trip they took to California to visit her sister Jinger and brother in-law Jeremy Vuolo, she captioned her picture with, “We enjoyed visiting the ‘Brady Bunch’ house while our family visited Jinger & Jeremy in CA a few weeks ago! ☀️ Our kiddos have enjoyed watching old episodes of the family tv show — it was a fun stop on our family vacation,” fans took that as a hint that her kids can watch TV.

The Brady Bunch would seem like an obvious choice for a family like the Duggars—the similarities between the TV show and the real-life family as far as being about a good, large all-American, and wholesome family are obvious.


Mixed Reaction From Fans

Some fans were happy to see that the Duggar’s might be watching some TV. “It is such a great show with great morals, lessons, and family structure,” wrote one fan in response to Anna Duggar’s post. “Aww two of my favorite families! Brady’s and Duggar’s,” wrote another fan. One fan even likened the two families when she commented, “I always say Jana reminds me of the oldest Brady sister so I love this!!!”

But other fans seemed reluctant to accept this as the new Duggar way or were just plain confused. “Do these kids know who The Brady Bunch is,” asked one fan. “So fun!! Since your family doesn’t watch tv did you all know who The Brady Brunch was before this visit,” commented another. Some fans were trying to understand exactly how they are consuming their TV, “does your family have a TV? Or do you just watch on the laptop?”.

The Duggar’s Have Watched TV Before

Most Duggars have mentioned watching TV before in some form or another. According to the Showbiz Cheatsheet article, “The Brady Bunch isn’t the only TV classic show that the Duggars have admitted to watching. Dad Jim Bob once said that the family did watch old episodes of The Andy Griffith Show on DVD. And Amy Duggar has talked about watch reruns of I Love Lucy with her cousins.”

Notably, many members of the Duggar family appear to be HGTV fans. Some even traveled to Waco, Texas, to visit Chip and Joanna Gaines’s Magnolia Market and the Silos. Jessa admitted she and her son Spurgeon have a Fixer Upper addiction. Plus, fans often spot Duggar children wearing Paw Patrol clothing. This suggests they’re familiar with the popular children’s show.

It seems that as the Duggar family continues to grow, they continue to evolve and find their own ways to raise their families. For more on the Duggars,  check us out daily.

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