Duggar: Joy-Anna Talks Miscarriage, Sisters’ Babies

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Duggar fans know that Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth suffered a loss at 20 weeks gestation. At the appointment, she was supposed to find out her second child’s gender. Unfortunately, the doctors could not find the baby’s heartbeat. Since the loss, she and husband Austin Forsyth have shared the details on social media. Duggar fans have been very loving and supportive during this hard time.


Right now, Joy is the mother of Gideon. She has recently talked about waiting to conceive again. She wants to give her body plenty of time to heal after the loss of her daughter, Annabell. The young mom has shared that she and Austin would like more children. She simply feels that she should wait until her body is ready to be pregnant again.

Something that has made this loss particularly hard is that three of Joy’s sisters-in-law were due at the same time as her. She, Kendra, Lauren, and Anna all had November due dates. Plus, they were all pregnant with girls. Kendra just gave birth to her daughter earlier this week. Joy’s sister Jessa also had a baby girl earlier this year. Now, fans are concerned because Joy has to see her sisters have their babies this month. Duggar fans are worried about how she might feel about this. They think it is probably difficult for her to see all these babies being born when she was supposed to be having one too.


Joy-Anna Duggar talks about her sisters having their babies

Joy admits that this is a challenging time for her, but she’s trying to be positive about it. She’s doing her best to encourage her sisters and their families. She knows how exciting this time can be for their families and want to show that to them too. Still, Joy doesn’t look over the fact that it may be difficult to meet the new little ones.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Joy expressed her feelings about her sisters having their babies this month and how she feels after her loss. The Counting On star was open and honest, saying “I thought it was going to be a lot harder being around… because there are three sisters that are due the same time I was. But I was praying that the Lord would help me be excited for them. And I can honestly say that … I’m super excited for them. But I try and ask them a lot how they’re doing, how they’re feeling because this is an exciting time. They have little blessings that they’re adding to their family.”

Then, the Duggar daughter continues, “Meeting the babies, I feel like that may be hard. But it’s not like I’m upset that I’ve lost my baby. I still am excited for them. But you think, ‘What would my baby look like? What would she be like?’”

What do you think of Joy’s wise words following her tragic pregnancy loss? Do you agree with what she’s said? Do you think this will be harder on her than she thinks? Leave a comment below.

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