Todd And Julie Chrisley Beg Judge To Let Them Travel For The Holiday

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Todd and Julie Chrisley got their legal affairs in order and now they’re asking for favors. The famous television couple is not allowed to leave Nashville, Tennessee as part of their release. They want the judge to let them break this to go see their family for Thanksgiving. According to The Blast they want to be able to go to Grand Cayman Island, so not just a drive across the country. They said they just want to be able to spend time with their children and grandchildren.

Todd and Julie were released on bond after being charged on eleven counts of bank fraud and tax evasion. The entire time they blamed their money troubles on a part employee. In addition to not being able to travel out of the state, the stars are not allowed to get any new bank loans or extensions without approval from a probation officer. They’ve maintained their innocence throughout the entire process even when they were accused of filtering millions through their account and not reporting all of it.

The couple recently filed a law suit against an official who prosecuted them. They said he, “aggressively pursued bogus tax evasion claims.” According to Pop Culture, Todd took to his Instagram to express his displeasure against a specific Georgia Dept. Of Revenue employee, Joshua Karl Waites. He said he treated them unfairly. Todd also claimed Waites had a criminal history of DUI and assaulting a police officer. He asks why he’s still the chief of police.

Todd And Julie Chrisley Just Want To Go One Time

The plea they gave to the judge was to temporarily lift the conditions. They want to travel to Grand Cayman Island for six days. The papers say, “The family will be travelling by commercial air and will be staying at a resort condominium. The flight itinerary and housing details will be provided in advance to the supervising Pretrial Services Officer.”

Furthermore, they said they want to have their passports back temporarily and will return them when they get back to the states. There has been no decision made at this time. While it’s understandable that Todd and Julie Chrisley want to spend time with their family, it’s unlikely the judge is going to let them leave the country as it’s one of the terms of their release. The Chrisleys will just have to put their travel plans on hold until they hear from the judge. Luckily they still have a couple weeks to go.

Update: TMZ stated that the couple was told they will not be going. Sounds like they don’t want to take any chances.

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