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Jacqueline Laurita Of ‘RHONJ’ Shared Who She Thought Called The Feds On Joe and Teresa Giudice

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During their appearance on Watch What Happens Teresa Giudice and her husband covered everything that happened during his detainment. Cohen always one to get to the bottom of things, played a clip from the show of her former friend Caroline Manzo. It was her predicting they would enter into some trouble. Teresa said it was sad Manzo lived a crooked life, she predicted the same from her based on where she came from.

When Cohen asked Teresa if she thought Caroline was the one who turned them in. She said maybe, “why would she predict those words?” Caroline is Teresa’s co-star Jacqueline Laurita’s sister-in-law. Jacqueline recently shared who she thought the source who called the feds were.

Teresa Giudice’s Co-Star Laurita Says They’re To Blame

In an interview on The Lookover Ladies podcast, former RHONJ star, Laurita talked about Teresa Giudice blaming Caroline. She said, “Initially she blamed me for calling the feds. Now she’s blaming Caroline Manzo, my sister-in-law.”

Laurita said they were friends when she got into trouble and she was on television flashing cash. She said they filed for bankruptcy and Teresa lied to her about it.

Laurita said when they knew they were getting in over their heads they tried to pull out of the bankruptcy according to The Cheat Sheet. She said this alerted the authorities. Jacqueline said Joe also screwed over his business partner who threatened to go to the feds if he didn’t give him his money. That’s who Laurita thinks went to the feds, because he said he was going to.

Laurita Threw Shade At Teresa’s Partying And Intelligence

She said Joe and Teresa Giudice didn’t take him seriously. While talking about Teresa’s reported partying Laurita said she felt sorry for the kids according to Radio. She said, “I feel bad for the kids. They’re suffering through all that. That’s when I’d be home the most because your kids need you the most.” She also talked about why she left the show. She said, “I would never want to be famous for flipping tables, acting classless, being dumb and being a felon.”

This was a direct hit at Teresa Giudice.  Jacqueline went on to say, “I don’t know what Teresa’s hatred toward Caroline is or why she keeps blaming her or blaming me.” Laurita did say on the podcast she thinks one reason Giudice keeps coming after Caroline Manzo is because she’s smarter than Teresa.

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