’90 Day Fiance’: Tiffany Franco Starts Weight Loss And Fitness Program

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90 Day Fiance: The Other Way brought Tiffany Franco to TLC along with her son Daniel and her husband Ronald from South Africa. Tiffany’s generally accepted as very pretty. But, she also got a lot of haters who trolled on her for being overweight. Body shaming’s not acceptable, but maybe she took some of the criticism on board as she’s starting a weight loss and fitness program.

90 Day Fiance star Tiffany Franco decided, time to work on her weight loss

Tiffany’s Latino (Cuban), with dreamy big eyes, a nice complexion, and pitchback hair. She always dresses in attractive off-the-shoulder outfits. Many fans love it, but others think she needs some weight off to carry the apparel properly. In fact, she’s not afraid to clap back at trolls, TV Shows Ace reported. Whether those trolls motivated her or not, isn’t clear, but she decided to do something positive. Taking to her IG stories, she shared about it. 90 Day Fiance guru and blogger John Yates shared it to his page so fans could comment on the news.

In her Instagram Story, Tiffany wrote that she wants to start a “better” and “happier life.” She also agreed she’d been “overweight.” And, that goes back to her “early childhood.” She notes that even then, the weight’s not what makes her unhappy. It’s more that she’s not happy with people promoting “unhealthy, unrealistic dieting.” So, she wants to try and lose weight and feel happy, in the healthiest and best way for her. She wants her “kids to be proud of [her].” And she’ll update 90 Day Fiance fans on her progress.

Tiffany talks to fans about her new fitness and weight loss efforts

Although the post pitched up on John Yates’ IG, Tiffany responded to fans who tagged her in their comments. One fan said, “@tiffanyfrancosmith please post and motivate us .. I’m out of control 😅🙈” Tiffany replied, saying, “gurl I’m shy but I’m definitely gonna 🙈😂.” Another encouraged Tiffany, wiring, “That’s awesome! fad diets never work. I have lost 90 pds. It’s all about portions. You can eat everything but in moderation. One day at a time!”

Others shared their experiences with the 90 Day Fiance star. One fan noted, “So proud of you!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼.I’m doing intermittent fasting and the weight has flown off. I used to be MISERABLE cutting out carbs, but this is a whole new life. It’s working and I’m not homicidally hungry. 😬👍🏼” Another noted, “Tiff the food in US is so unhealthy, full of sugar and hormones! I don’t know how are you doing it, but wish you the best, to be healthy is first! 💗”


Tiffany promoting some products on her IG

Tiffany already promotes some products for health and weight loss on her Instagram. On one of those, she wrote, “With so much going on, I want take my health a little more serious so I’m really glad I’m a #teamipartner. I can’t even tell you the ridiculous things I used to eat and the gallon of Red Bull I had keeping up with Carley… I needed a change sooo I looked into @teamiblends tea and really glad. My current favorite is their skinny & colon tea…I don’t feel awful by afternoon BUT the biggest thing for me is drinking the skinny tea instead of eating junk food. It’s really made an impact for me.😊”

That came before her latest reveal that she won’t promo rubbish. So, it’s not clear if she’s dropping that line of products or not. But, she seemed happy with it at the time. She said that it looks a bit off, but tastes just like a tea. She also mentioned that keeping hydrated is very important.

What do you think about Tiffany Franco starting her new journey on weight loss and fitness, but with a healthy approach? Do you hope she’s successful in her ambition to get on top of it? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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