Duggar: Jedidiah Announces Run For State Representative

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On Sunday, Jedidiah Duggar of TLC’s Counting On revealed that he is running for office! He posted on Instagram and said, “I’m announcing my candidacy for Arkansas State Representative District 89 in Springdale. I’d appreciate your prayers, support and your vote!” Jed is currently 20 years old and will turn 21 in December.


He also included a link to his website, which offers more details about his stances on the issues. On his website, he included what he stands for. This list includes: “100% Pro-Life, The Second Amendment, Lower Taxes, Growing Jobs, For Veterans, Combating the Opiod Crisis, [and] Religious Liberty”.

Along with the first post, where he announced his candidacy, he released a campaign video. About the campaign video, Jedidiah said,

I’m Jed Duggar. I have grown up in the Springdale area all my life and as a local small-business owner, I understand the important issues facing the residents and businesses of District 89. Northwest Arkansas is the economic engine of our state, our local jobs and state economy depend on elected officials that take a common-sense, business approach to legislative reforms.”

Then, he continues, “I will fight for sound fiscal policies and tax relief for all Arkansans. I will unequivocally advocate for conservative values. I am a Christian and I will stand up for religious liberty, I am pro-life and I will be an advocate for the unborn, and I will always defend our Second Amendment. With your support, I will be a strong, conservative voice in Little Rock for District 89.”


Could this be why Jedidiah Duggar joined Instagram?

Originally, fans believed that Jedidiah made an Instagram account because he is in a courtship. He has yet to announce a courtship. Often, the grown Duggar children begin using Instagram when they are in a courtship or engaged. This is not a rule, but it seems to be the way things go for the family members. This is why Duggar fans began wondering if he’s in a courtship once he joined social media.

As of right now, it’s not looking like Jed is in a courtship. There were rumors about him potentially being in a courtship, but without an announcement, we can’t know for sure.

Now, it’s looking like Jed is going to be using social media to help push his candidacy. Since he joined in late October, he has already gained 14.5k followers on Instagram. This gives him a good platform to start with.


Though he could be in a courtship, it’s looking more like he’s using Instagram for his candidacy. With two posts in one day, it’s likely fans will be seeing more about his candidacy. So far, the response from fans has been mixed. Some fans are wishing Jed luck. Others are questioning his stance on the issues. Plus, some fans don’t think he’s old enough or experienced enough.

What do you think of Jedidiah Duggar’s announcement about running for office? Do you think he’s a good fit for the position? Leave a comment below.

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