‘DWTS’ Duo Hannah Brown And Alan Bersten Squash Dating Rumors-Again

'Bachelorette' Hannah Brown and 'DWTS' Partner Alan Bersten via Instagram

Hannah Brown has been in the spotlight for well over a year now. With that comes public speculation about everything in her life. The biggest topic of discussion in Hannah Brown’s life is her finding love. She had her heart broke during her run as The Bachelorette. Now, all her fans want is to see her happy and in love. This of course is centering around her Dancing With the Stars partner Alan Bersten.

Hannah and Alan deny dating rumors

Alan and Hannah are constantly being asked about their relationship with one another. The two share such great chemistry that fans are wanting there to be more there then just friendship. Hannah has continually denied rumors they are dating. Even with all the denials, the topic has come up once again.

Woman’s Day spoke with Alan to ask him about Hannah and the possibility of them dating. He said, “We’re focusing on the competition and making the most out of this opportunity and this journey so I’m going to leave it at that.” The last part of his comments sounds as if perhaps he is feeling something more for Hannah.


The Bachelorette comments on the speculation as well

Hannah also addressed the rumors again. She said, “I think my dating life will always be scrutinized or looked at at this point. Alan and I spend every single day together but we just are so focused on the dance and making sure that that stays our focus. We put in the work, we have fun, we have a great friendship, but I think that this experience is, for me, about me, and him being there to help push me to become a better dancer and that’s where it needs to be.”

She goes on to say, “I don’t know if that’s always the best. I think it’s good but sometimes it is difficult because I already am so hard on myself and he, you know, wants and knows I can get the steps the correct way and so sometimes we will obsess over the littlest thing when I really just need to dance and feel it. So it can sometimes be a struggle but of course it has been what has made some of our best dances so great because we both really care and want to make sure that we are showcasing the very best dance that we can in the time that we’re given.”

Alan posts apology on Instagram

Amidst all the speculation surrounding Hannah’s love life, she had a pretty tough Halloween week on DWTS. One of the judges offered her harsh criticism and it seemed to be Hannah’s breaking point. Sources reported seeing her crying backstage, visibly upset to everyone around her. She later spoke out on social media about her meltdown.

Alan has also said lately that he is trying to help Hannah overcome her insecurities. He also sort of sided with the harsh judge this week. It looks like he regrets that based on his latest Instagram post. He shares his thoughts and feelings towards Hannah. He says, “I may not always be the best at speaking, but my intentions are always pure. @hannahbrown you have been the epitome of a dream partner. You work hard, you care more than any other person I have met, and you put up with me.”


Will Hannah and Alan date in the future, post DWTS?

Time will tell if Hannah and Alan ever try to give a relationship a go. For now it looks like they are just remaining friends. They do, however, grow closer each week. Hannah said, “We have silly fun moments, we have moments we do bicker and argue, but then we have really, like, real moments of just learning how to communicate with each other and having a really good time. She continued, “We’re both young, we’re both learning more about ourselves, and to be able to do that together and just continue to grow each week has been really awesome for us and each week our relationship and our partnership is improving and getting more in sync.”

Good luck to Hannah and Alan as they continue their quest for the mirrorball trophy. DWTS airs on ABC.

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