Former ‘Bachelor’ Nick Viall Dishes On His Issues With Raven Gates

Nick Viall and Rachel Lindsay via Instagram

It seems there is always drama brewing in Bachelor Nation and lately it’s been pretty entertaining. Former Bachelor Nick Viall recently sat down to talk with Rachel Lindsay on her podcast, Bachelor Happy Hour. Fans know that there has been a huge falling out between Rachel and Raven Gates, but nobody knows the details. Remember, Rachel and Raven were both on Nick’s season. Raven finished second behind Vanessa Grimaldi. As everyone knows, Rachel went on to be The Bachelorette. 

Nick shares his thoughts on Raven

US Weekly shared that Nick is very interested to know, like everyone else, what exactly happened between Rachel and Raven. First of all, Nick says he is friends with both Rachel and Raven. Nick dished how when he and Rachel had chatted before they discussed his time with Raven in the fantasy suite.

However, Raven might not like what Nick has to say.  Although Nick said he thinks she is a great person. He even mentioned that some fans may get upset by what he has to say, but he is just being himself.

What did Nick say?

Nick said, “When I had you on my podcast and we were talking about Fantasy Suites and I mentioned that Raven might have totally talked s–t about Vanessa for, like, a good 30 minutes in the Fantasy Suite, and then Raven chimed in on my Instagram and was like, ‘Oh, my God, I would never talk s–t about someone.

He continued,  “I was like, ‘Time out. First of all, I thought that was great about you.’ I quite like Raven. This is not about me criticizing Raven because I don’t like her; I think she’s great. I think she’s great in person. I think sometimes the characters she portrays herself to be on the TV show and on Instagram is totally full of s–t and lying and bulls–t, and I think she talks s–t about people all the time, and I think that’s totally fine.” Nick said he doesn’t like it when people pretend to be a certain way.

The Bachelor is sure to clarify his thoughts

Nick concludes the topic with Rachel by saying, “Again, I think Raven is great. Nick said he really liked Raven for who she was. He said Raven is snarky, intelligent and has a bit of a dark side to her.

He continued saying, “She could be manipulative and all those things and the whole picture of Raven that was charming. But the Raven sometimes people got to see, I don’t think is Raven and don’t go on my Instagram page and claim to be that person.”

Fans still do not know what went down between Rachel and Raven. However, they do know it was bad enough for Rachel to say she will never be friends with her again.


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