‘Sister Wives’ Star Maddie Brown Brush Gushes Over Picture Of Axel & Evie

Sister Wives Maddie brown Brush little boy Axel

Sister Wives fans heard that Axel reverted slightly and went back to his pacifier when Evie K came along. But, he really loves his little sister now. So much, that Maddie Brown Brush said he did something that made her “heart just about burst.’ Maddie is loving her new baby as well and faces challenges in the future. But, that does not stop Axel from fully embracing the newest addition to the family.

Sister Wives star Axel went back to his pacifier after Evie K came along

Caleb and Maddie Brown Brush struggled to get Axel off his pacifier when Evie K was born. Many fans trolled on Maddie for it. TV Shows Ace reported that she gave it right back at them. We noted, “Maddie gave critics what-for, noting, ‘It’s not something I [should] be stressing about during this transition time for our family…’ And, that information came from a doctor. It turns out Axel was already weaned off it before Evie-K arrived in his world. So, the little guy regressed a bit.”

But, he certainly seems to dote on his little sister now. So, maybe the first grandchild in the Sister Wives family will get back to tossing the pacifier soon. On another note, Maddie recently bought a new camera, and we said fans believe it’s a good choice if she wants to take some quality pictures. A recent one she took of Axel and baby Evie, for example, really looks stunning.

Heart bursting photo by Maddie Brown Brush of Axel and Evie

Maddie shared the lovely photo with her friends and followers on Instagram. The picture showed Axel and Evie asleep on the bed together. In her caption, the Sister Wives mom said, “Sometimes I feel like I need to post something profound, something ‘Instagram,’  worthy. Sometimes I just want to share the best parts of my life. Here is the some of the later (sic). Axel LOVES Evie! The sun and moon set around what her day is. I got up early one morning and went to check on them. I came back to this. He has climbed into our bed to cuddle with a recently milked out Evie! Made my heart just about burst!”

Maddie’s half-sister Aspyn commented, “So sweet! He really is such a good big brother.” Meanwhile, fans felt Maddie Brown could share anything she wanted. They have her back and love to see anything she shares on social media.

One fan commented, “Awe so sweet!!! Big brother reporting for little sister watch! Children do as they see you do! You guys are amazing!!!”


Maddie suffered some worries and guilt

We know from before Evie’s birth that sometimes Maddie worried about Axel and the new sibling. She feared that Axel would be jealous and not take to the new baby. But, as one Sister Wives fan noted, “Pictures like these are proof that you’re doing something right as a mom.” That message might be precious to Maddie who faces challenges as time goes by. She told People, that she had some guilt and difficulty when she learned that Evie suffered from the genetic condition of FATCO syndrome.

What did you think of Maddie Brown Brush’s photo that made her “heart just about burst?” Do you think it’s a gorgeous photo to treasure? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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