Wells Adams And Sarah Hyland Celebrate At Engagement Party

Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams via Instagram

While vacationing in Fiji Bachelor in Paradise alum and bartender Wells Adams popped the big question to Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland. Now three months later the two are celebrating their love with friends at their lavish engagement party. The party took place in Los Angeles this weekend and the happy couple looked amazing and very much in love.

Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland are relationship goals

Sarah and Wells have been together over two years now and they are truly relationship goals. The two know how to joke around together yet also express their love for one another. While Sarah is not Bachelor alumni, Wells and Sarah are Bachelor nation fan favorites. They are always sharing things on social media about each other and it is incredibly sweet and funny.

Just two weeks ago Wells and Sarah celebrated two loving years together. Sarah commemorated the day by posting a beautiful black and white photo of the two. Wells is standing behind Sarah and she is leaning back for a kiss. She captioned the photo saying,

“Two years ago I asked when you were going to ask me to be your girlfriend. This summer you asked me to be your wife. If two years feels like a lifetime then I can’t wait to spend my eternity with you. You’re the calm to my storm. The sun to my moon. The Chandler to my Monica. I can’t wait to marry you @wellsadams 💕 Happy two years baby #ToPlutoAndBack.”

Wells replied, “I love you +1 anything you say.”


Their engagement party

People shared news of their party and Sarah looked stunning in a white strapless gown. She greeted their guests saying, “You are all obviously here today because you have such a special place in our heart and we all love you very much.”

Wells sported a white button down shirt and a pair of light-colored pants. He followed up Sarah’s speech with, “Well we paid for all of this so drink up, I guess. Thanks for coming guys.”

Sarah shared a pic from the party on Instagram. The two are being their funny selves in the photo and she said, “Over 2 years ago, he asked me out for drinks and tacos. We still do the same thing now… just engaged… so Thank you @casamigos for keepin our dream alive with tequila 💋.”


Sarah and Wells in the future

No wedding plans have been announced yet for Sarah and Wells but they are definitely looking forward to married life together. US Weekly previously shared Wells thoughts on his future marriage to Sarah. He said, “I’m the youngest of five, so I would love to have kids, and I’d like to have more than one. I’m older, I’m mid-30s, but she’s still in her 20s, so I don’t think we’re there yet. But I think it’ll be a thing that eventually happens for sure.”


Sarah also said she is looking forward to the days that will follow their wedding. The being married part. The two have not started planning their wedding yet, but no doubt it will be amazing. The guest list hasn’t been discussed yet either, however, Wells did reveal one guest that will definitely make the cut. That person is Bachelor host Chris Harrison.

The reason for the invite is pretty obvious but Wells said, “Let’s be fair, if it weren’t for Chris and a couple of the other executive producers, I would’ve never even met Sarah. So, Harrison is an integral part of my happiness in general and I love him and now I get to hang out with him every summer, so I want him to be there.”

Congrats to Sarah and Wells! Bachelor fans can’t wait to see these two tie the knot.

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