Kylie Jenner And Stassie Karanikolaou Recreate Brittney Spears And Madonna Kiss For Halloween

Kylie Jenner from Instagram

Kylie Jenner and Stassie Karanikolaou went all out for Halloween this year. The duo dressed like Brittney Spears and Madonna for the holiday. They even recreated the legendary kiss between the two.

Kylie Jenner goes crazy for Halloween

Kylie Jenner went as pop icon Madonna this year for Halloween. One of her best friends, Stassie, dressed up as Brittney Spears to go right along with her. The two looked amazing of course sporting outfits that looked just like the stars. According to People, Kylie wore a blonde wig, pulled into a bun. Then she wore a black tank top tucked into black jeans. She paired the look with a black belt

Stassie wore her hair long and blonde in true Brittney fashion. Then, she dressed in an iconic all-white outfit with white gloves and white pearl bracelets. They looked exactly like Brittney and Madonna did at the VMAs all the way back in 2003. That’s not all they did from the VMAs though. They actually recreated the infamous kiss shared on stage by the two pop icons.

The two shared their adventurous night on Stassie’s Instagram story for all to see. It appears they had a really fun time together the other night. Who knows what other Halloween plans the two will participate in together.

What will everyone else be this year?

There’s still really no telling what’s in store for the Kardashian and Jenner clan for the rest of the Halloween season. Last year, there were all sorts of adorable costumes for Kylie and baby Stormi as well as all the KarJenner sisters. None of them skip out on the holidays so there’s sure to be a lot of cute photos coming soon.

How cute would it be if the three cousins (Stormie, True, and Chicago) wore matching outfits? Maybe nothing as crazy as Madonna and Brittney. But, how cute would the witches from Hocus Pocus be? We can dream.

What did you think of Kylie Jenner and Stassie’s outfit? Let us know if you liked it or if you thought it was too much. Also, let us know what you think Stormi should be for Halloween. Put your comments in the section below.

Be sure to come back for news on all of your favorite Kardashian and Jenner family members. They always have something crazy going on. You definitely don’t want to miss it.

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