‘Bachelorette’ Hannah Brown Turned ‘DWTS’ Favorite Admits She Doesn’t Keep Up With Her Exes

'Bachelorette' Hannah Brown via Instagram

Hannah Brown has had a busy year. She went from being an outspoken Bachelorette with a windmill history to now being the DWTS favorite to win the trophy. Hannah’s life is pretty good. In the midst of it all, dating rumors follow her. Fans are wanting her to find love, some with Tyler Cameron and some with Alan Bersten. Some may be disappointed to know that what she had with Tyler is probably done for good.

Hannah Brown does not keep up with her exes

People recently shared that Hannah admits she doesn’t keep up with her exes. Specifically she is talking about Mike Johnson and Tyler Cameron. Hannah says she has moved on. Both of these men have had some pretty public dating experiences since Hannah’s season ended.

Tyler dated Gigi Hadid briefly after a one night meeting with Hannah after the Bachelorette finale aired. Gigi and Tyler have since parted ways, although it has just been shared that he is still in contact with her. He also messaged Hannah on her birthday. While fans hope there could be more, it sounds like Hannah is appreciate of the gesture, but that is it. Hannah says she wishes him well.

Mike has also been in the public eye a lot. He has been on several dates with Demi Lovato and was also in running for The Bachelor lead. Many fans, including Hannah, had wanted Mike to get the Bachelor job and were disappointed when he didn’t. Even so, Hannah says she tries her best to not pay attention to their dating lives. Hannah said, “I don’t really keep up with their dating lives at this point, that’s not my business.”


The Bachelorette still supports the men from her season

While Hannah does not keep up with their dating lives. Hannah says she still fully supports the men she dated on The Bachelorette. She said, “I am so supportive of the guys I met on my Bachelorette journey and wish them well. And I’m so glad for the support that some of the guys do show me.”

The men, especially Tyler, is still supporting Hannah and cheering her on. Tyler recently shared that he is voting for Hannah and Alan to win the mirrorball trophy on Dancing With the Stars. 

Hannah and Alan are still in the DWTS competition and are rocking it. Dating rumors continue to swirl around them and Hannah still denies they are anything more than friends. Don’t miss Hannah and Alan’s chemistry and awesome dance skills on Dancing With the Stars on ABC.


Jamie Colclasure