‘The Bachelor’ 2020 Spoilers Reveal Hometown Date Schedule, Possible Drama Brewing

'The Bachelor' Peter Weber and father via Instagram

It’s hard to believe The Bachelor Peter Weber is already down to just four remaining women. The season is filming quickly and should wrap up around November 16. Just like every season, Reality Steve gives eager fans updates on filming. Today he shared the hometown date schedule and which cities Peter will be visiting.

Find out where Bachelor Peter Weber’s first hometown date is

Reality Steve went to Twitter today to share Peter’s hometown date schedule. Tomorrow, October 26, will be Madison Prewett’s date in Auburn, Alabama. Monday, Peter will be heading to Virginia Beach, Virginia. In Virginia he will be meeting Victoria Fuller’s family. There is also a chance for fans to participate in the date on Monday.

Fans who wish to see Peter and Victoria in Virginia Beach can sign up to attend. There are no details yet where or what time the date is happening. However, with fans being invited there is sure to be video and photos. The producers are asking that only local residents RSVP for the event.


The last two hometowns

After visiting Alabama and Virginia, Peter will be heading to Knoxville, Tennessee on Wednesday, October 30. He will be meeting Hannah Sluss and her family there. Of course Peter and Hannah will also spend some time away from the family on a date.

Finally, Bachelor Peter will fly to  Des Moines, Iowa to meet up with Kelsey Weier on November 1. According to past things Reality Steve has shared, Peter has been really into Kelsey this season. Fans will have to wait just a little bit longer to see if she makes it to the final two.

Drama could be brewing

Taking a quick backtrack to Peter’s first hometown date in Alabama there could be some drama. Apparently, Miss Alabama Hannah Brown will also be in Auburn, Alabama this weekend. Hannah will be there for a friends wedding. While Steve thinks this is just a huge coincidence, he also says he doesn’t put it past the show to use Hannah for drama during Peter’s season.

Steve said, “And yes, I’m aware that Hannah Brown is in Auburn, AL this wknd as well for a friends wedding. I’d say it’s just a coincidence Peter’s first hometown is tmrw in Auburn, but I don’t put anything past this show anymore. Esp since Hannah has already shown up twice on his season.”

Surely Hannah wouldn’t interrupt Peter’s hometown date with Madison, would she? With The Bachelor producers in charge, one can never be sure. It will be interesting to hear from Reality Steve if anything fishy surfaces over the weekend.

In one final cryptic tweet, Steve said, “The devil works hard. So do the producers on this show. But I’m working harder…”

The Bachelor will begin airing in January 2020.


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