‘Counting On’ Stars Joseph & Kendra Duggar Get Candid About Marriage Struggles

Joseph and Kendra Duggar

The Duggar family often make marriage and creating a family look easy on television. As Counting On fans know, getting married and having children can come with struggles and hardships. Members of the TLC family often get candid during episodes of Counting On to remind their fans at home they are no different.

Jim Bob and Michelle posed their married children with a challenge during the Season Premiere.

As Ok! Magazine confirms, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar challenged their married children to a fun date night competition. During the competition, their children would answer questions regarding the difference between marriage expectations and marriage realities.

“We, Jim Bob and Michelle, often say that expectations ruin relationships. Looking back did you go into your marriage with any expectations? If so, what were they and have they been met? What expectations do you have now?” Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar penned in a letter that Joseph read to his wife, Kendra.

Kendra admitted that she expected to prepare all of the meals for herself and her new husband during the first year of marriage. She expected to clean the entire house. And, she expected to go to work with him.

Joseph agreed and shared his wife’s expectations. They, however, did not expect to get pregnant during their first year of marriage. They also did not expect Kendra to become ill during the first year of marriage.

A closer look at the history of Kendra and Joseph Duggar

Kendra and Joseph started courting in March of 2017. They got married on September 8th of 2017. The duo became pregnant within the first month of their marriage and welcomed Garret into the world on December 18, 2018.


Kendra acknowledges that becoming pregnant so quickly definitely tossed a wrench into the plans she had in her head regarding the first year of marriage. While getting pregnant so soon in their marriage made her question if she was a good wife to Joseph, he was supportive of her.

“We were so blessed to have Garret right away and we wouldn’t change that but it definitely did add a different dynamic to our marriage. For me, it was kind of hard because I felt like I don’t feel like I’m a good wife. But you were really gracious and really sweet and understanding.”

Kendra admits things are easier now that their son is a little older.

Now that Garret is older, it is easier for Kendra Duggar to do the things she wanted to do during the first year of marriage. Cleaning and preparing meals, for example. She has also been able to do a little work with her husband too.

“We’re able to work as a team now than we first got married I feel like. We kind of know what we expect out of each other. Divide and conquer,” Joseph added.


Kendra and Joseph agree bringing a baby into the world so early in their marriage was difficult. But, they made it work by supporting each other. As Counting On fans know, the home life of Kendra and Joseph will soon change once more. Kendra is pregnant with their second child. She expects to give birth to a baby girl in November.

Counting On fans suspect Kendra and Joseph Duggar’s expectations and realities regarding their married life will shift again as they become a household with multiple children.

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