Jinger Confirms Her Home Life Also Strays From Duggar Traditions

Jinger Duggar Instagram

As TV Shows Ace has previously reported, Jinger Vuolo is viewed by Counting On fans as a bit of a trendsetter in the Duggar family. The 25-year-old TLC star is not afraid to march to the beat of her own drum.

Jinger’s most recent Instagram post confirms her home life strays from Duggar traditions as well.

About a week ago, Jinger shared an adorable snapshot of her daughter Felicity and her husband Jeremy. The duo were enjoying Saturday pancakes together. Jinger perfectly caught a very sweet and tender moment of father and daughter bonding.

While the snapshot has now sat on Jinger’s profile for a week. And, it has accumulated just shy of 60,000 likes. There is something else in the photo Counting On fans started to notice. Once her followers finished enjoying the cuteness overload in the front of the photo, they discovered something shocking. They noticed the flat screen television mounted to the wall in the background, Cheat Sheet confirms.

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar raised their children in a very strict household.

The life of a Duggar child is different than most. The extremely religious family commits to serving God. As such, they believed most of their entertainment should come from the nature God provided them with. Moreover, Michelle Duggar home schooled all of her children. This way she could pack their education with religion. In the romance department, Duggars do not date. They court. They also avoid any intimacy and refrain from much physical interaction until after marriage.

The reason Counting On fans found the TV so surprising, is Duggars also do not watch TV or listen to modern day music.


This is a family that grew up hiking and spending time outdoors together. Michelle and Jim Bob decided they did not want to expose their children to some of the mature undertones hidden in mainstream media.

Growing up in the Duggar household, there was also no participation of competitive sports. There is not a connection between sports and religion. So, it was not something Michelle and Jim Bob wanted for their children.

Counting On fans assume Jinger may want a different kind of childhood for her daughter.

There is no denying Jinger and Jeremy opted to take a much more modern approach to raising their daughter. While Vuolos embrace the Duggars religious ways of life, they want their daughter to have more freedom. Jinger and Jeremy appear to want to embrace God without shutting out modern day Americ

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