Hannah Brown Of ‘The Bachelorette’ Reacted to Tyler Cameron’s Birthday Text Plus Her ‘DWTS’ Week Six Diary

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Hannah Brown got a text for her birthday from Tyler Cameron. He’d told the media he’d sent it before saying he wasn’t interested in dating anyone from Bachelor nation. He said they were still friends and she was incredible. He said he wanted the best for her.

There are fans that still ship them together, but it seems like Tyler wants a low-profile relationship next. That and Hannah is just so busy with everything she has going on since The Bachelorette. Now in an interview with US Weekly, she revealed what she thought of that birthday text.


What Did Hannah Brown Think Of Tyler Cameron Texting Her?

Hannah Brown said, “it was nice for him to text me on my birthday.” So, it seems like there’s no bad blood between them. Hannah said the part of being on The Bachelorette was, “the people that I’ve met that have come in my life and just supported me through everything that I’ve gone through.” That includes Tyler Cameron.

Having that support system as well as the support of her parents who came to meet the cast is paramount when she’s feeling low. This is especially true when she gets low scores that discourage her. It’s totally cute that her mom was star struck and, “acting really weird,” on set.

The Former Bachelorette Steps On Her Own Foot And Talks Low Scores

Hannah Brown has continued to write her DWTS diary for Bustle. In the beginning of week six, Hannah stepped on her own foot! Brown was dancing the samba and stepped on her own foot with her heel. She bruised it really bad and it stayed swollen. She had physical therapy for her foot and was worried about what she did to it. While she loves her dancing partner, Alan Bersten, there will be no romance between the two.

She told US Weekly, “I’m not into talking about relationships, I’m talking about my dance skills.”  She said they had a friendship that was great and she’s done with roses. It’s all about the Mirrorball Trophy and she wants people to know there’s more to Hannah than that. At the end of her diary for the week she was feeling a bit low. Hannah said, “after this performance I’m getting a little discouraged.” She got the second to lowest scores of the night. They did the samba and the judges said they didn’t really get it.

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