Did Chumlee Get Fired? ‘Pawn Stars’ ‘Fav Taunts Rick Harrison About Rumor

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On Wednesday, Chumlee shared an Instagram Story of him confronting his Pawn Stars boss Rick Harrison about the a rumor that he was fired. Is Chumlee fired? What did Rick Harrison have to say to Chum?

Did Rick Harrison Fire Chumlee?

Has Chumlee pushed his boss, Rick Harrison, too far? According to The Blast, who shared the now-deleted Instagram Story, a visibly thinner Chumlee confronted Pawn Stars patriarch Rick Harrison about the rumors that he was fired.

Austin Lee Russell started the conversation by taunting his boss.

“Rick there’s a rumor that I got fired.” In his matter-of-fact way, Harrison blandly told Chum: “You didn’t get fired.”

Then, in typical Chumlee fashion, he asked, “Do you wish you could fire me?” The trim Harrison replied, “Sometimes. but I love ya.”

Chum’s Instagram followers have been asking him why he has deleted posts. People insinuated that Chumlee was fired. Chumlee has less photos on his Instagram. But, Instagram has been responsible for at least one. Several months ago, he had shared a photo of himself  meditating in the ocean. Instagram deleted the photo. Maybe Chumlee was just too sexy.

Chumlee And Rick Harrison In Italy!

Anyone currently checking Chum’s Instagram will see him and Rick in Rome, Italy! Chumlee has shared a photo of the two of them in front of a gorgeous fountain. Next, Chumlee shared a photo of him drinking from a Roman fountain.

What are Rick and Chum doing in Rome? They are likely filming Pawn Stars Season 17. In June, the Las Vegas Review-Journal revealed that History renewed the show for Season 17. Above all,  this time around they are going to be traveling the world. Most importantly, they will be in search of new items to sell at the World Famous Gold And Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas.

Rick Harrison had explained that they are “mixing it up” this year by traveling around the world. The new season promises some pretty cool items that hold interesting history. Harrison has shared photos of the trip on his own Instagram account. In addition, he was in London with Pawn Stars autograph expert Steve Grad. Of course, fans can only imagine the historic signature he has to identify! Subsequently, Rick also looks pretty comfortable sitting at a table at the infamous Harry’s Bar in Rome.


Pawn Stars fans, do you think Rick Harrison will ever fire Chumlee? What do you think of the show filming around the world? Be sure to check back with TV Shows Ace for the latest Pawn Stars news. Pawn Stars Season 17 should start soon, on History.


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