‘Counting On’ Jana Duggar Courting Update: Is Love Finally In The Air?

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As of late, Jana Duggar has been a frustrating topic for Counting On fans. Presently, she’s the only Duggar over the age of 21 that isn’t in a relationship. According to Cheat Sheet, rumors have started to swirl around the fan base of the TLC family that may be dipping into the dating pool to find that special someone.

Whether Jana Duggar is even interested in dating and marrying a man is a highly debated question.

Many Counting On fans suspect one of the biggest reasons Jana has not settled down with a man is because she is not interested in doing so. And, this isn’t because they believe she’s happy being a single and independent woman. This is because they believe she isn’t interested in men. In fact, they believe she’s interested in being with women.

The root of the lesbian rumors stem from her strong friendship with Laura DeMasie. Some Counting On fans insisted Jana Duggar spent more time with Laura than what was appropriate for best friends. These fans questioned if their relationship was something more.

Unfortunately, Jana was quick to shut down these rumors. In fact, she asked Duggar fans to quit discussing the topic entirely. This, however, did not silence the rumors. In fact, it just caused some to believe it to be true.

Many believe Jana is afraid to be honest with her family about her preferred dating partner. They believe she fears how her family would react.


Jana, however, continues to maintain these are just rumors. Rumors she does not like. And, she insists she is only interested in men. She just has not found the right man to settle down with just yet.

Could she settle down with a familiar face that TLC fans would recognize?

Rumors have also swirled that Jana Duggar is courting Bringing Up Bates star Lawson Bates.

Some of these rumors stemmed from how similar the Bates and the Duggars are. This includes their conservative religious beliefs. Moreover, Jana and Lawson are friends.

While these rumors do continue to swirl, Duggar has not done or said anything to suggest things between here and Bates were romantic. Which is something many Counting On fans have found to be disappointing.

Jim Bob and Michelle want to see their daughter get married.

Jim Bob and Michelle are no different than fans when it comes to their feelings about Jana being single. Sources close to the family have claimed Jim Bob and Michelle are “frustrated” with waiting for their daughter to find the right man. This isn’t too much of a stretch to believe as the duo taught all of their children about starting a family.


Despite feeling the pressure from both Counting On fans and her family, Jana Duggar seems content to marching to her own drum as opposed to going down the traditional Duggar path.

Do you think Jana Duggar could be lying about not being interested in women? Do you think Jana feels pressured to get married? Sound off in the comments down below.

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