‘Counting On’ Abbie Duggar Doesn’t Deny Feeling Pressured To Marry John David

Abbie and John Duggar Instagram

There is a lot of information about the Duggar family for Counting On fans to sink their teeth into this season.

For starters, there is Jinger and her husband separating from the pack and moving to Los Angeles. Next, there is Jessa caring for her three small children. Finally, fans are also getting a look at John David Duggar and his wife Abbie.

John David and Abbie Duggar are expecting and very much in love.

Counting On fans don’t deny the love between Abbie and John David Duggar. The duo have that smitten stars in their eyes glow every time they look at each other. Fans can feel the love oozing off of them when they speak about their significant other.

This, however, hasn’t stopped fans from wondering what Abbie felt prior to getting married. Did the mother-to-be feel pressured? Is that why she married John David so shortly after courting him?

Did Abbie Duggar feel pressured to get married?

Counting On fans may have been a bit taken back by Abbie’s response to this question. She was extremely candid.

Abbie admitted that there is some level of pressure in the situation. She, however, was careful with her word choice. It was not necessarily that she felt pressured to marry John David specifically. It was just that she felt the pressure to be married in general.


According to Cheat Sheet, Abbie acknowledged it can be difficult to watch siblings both younger and older than you get married. So, there is no denying a certain amount of pressure.

“I did start courting a lot later than my siblings, John’s siblings. And I guess I did get a little discouraged because I wasn’t in a relationship and everybody else around me seemed like they were…and I thought, ‘wait, when am I ever gonna get married?’.”

Notably, the reason fans have grown concerned with the topic of pressure is because of Abbie and John David’s happiness. The last thing Counting On fans want is for the marriage to be difficult because the duo rushed into it.

Abbie just wanted to be sure she found Mr. Right before getting married.

Many Counting On fans suspect the biggest reason why Abbie waited until a little later in life to get married is because she wanted to be absolutely sure she was marrying the right person. Most importantly, fans couldn’t be happier with the beautiful relationship she and John David Duggar share. Furthermore, fans cannot wait to meet the couple’s new bundle of joy.


What do you think about Abbie Duggar’s candid answer to feeling pressure to get married? Do you think you can feel pressure, get married anyway, and still be happy? Sound off in the comments down below.

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