‘Vanderpump Rules’ Lala Kent Celebrates One Year Of Sobriety

Lala Kent, Instagram

Lala Kent provided some drama for Vanderpump Rules especially because she loved to drink. On Instagram with a pretty picture of herself she shared she was one year sober. There has been a lot going on in her life with a new love, impending wedding, and public feud with 50 Cent.

There was a time when she went to Walt Disney World and stayed drunk for four days. She was with her fiancé Randall Emmett and his kids. It wasn’t the best time to be drunk. Especially with his ex-wife actively checking in on her kids.

That’s when she decided it was time for a change. She said at the Season 7 reunion that she had an abusive relationship with alcohol. She said, “It’s like an unhealthy relationship, where you can’t live without that person, but then they abuse you.”


Lala Kent Celebrates And Takes Her Sobriety Seriously

Curtis Jackson posted pictures of her drinking in a hot tub and talked about how she was drunk all the time.  When 50 Cent trolled her for being drunk all the time, she responded in defense of how important her sobriety was to her.

To be fair, she said something about Fifty first. Lala posted, “I feel it’s important for me to say this and I’m only going to address this once. My sobriety is something I’m proud of and work on every day.” She said she prided herself in being open and hopes she can inspire others with her journey.

Now, she says of her sobriety: “this is the biggest accomplishment I’ve ever had in my life and the one I am most proud of.”

Lala told The Daily Mail, she has seen changes in her life with her sobriety that were very humbling. She said she’s celebrating her one year birthday and she will fight for it every day.

The Reality Star Will Continue To Work Hard On Her Sobriety

In the past, she said there are a lot of moments in her life when she reflects that were alcohol-driven. She said when she decided to get sober she told herself, “I will never live this way again.”

Vanderpump Rules fans will have to wait for this season to see what it’s like to have a sober Lala Kent running around. There’s plenty of people to bring the drama without her though including new and younger cast mates. Fans cannot wait!

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