’90 Day Fiance’ Star Rebecca Parrot Expresses Disappointment In Last Episode

90 day fiance Rebecca Parrot

90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days aired another episode this week and Rebecca Parrot’s really upset about it. She took to her Instagram, nearly in tears and explained how she felt she didn’t get enough time for the viewers to get the full story. Many of her fans responded with encouragement to try and cheer her up.

90 Day Fiance Rebecca got forgiven by Zied, but she’s upset about the coverage

In the weekend episode, we saw Rebecca reveal to Zied out in the Sahara that she was still technically married to her ex. He couldn’t get his head around how she can be divorced but still married. In fact, we saw him drive off without her into the desert as he was so angry. Zied explained his feelings to the camera, noting, “She kept this situation a secret and that’s what I hate the most. I was even hoping to marry her, but now in my mind, I don’t know what I will do with Rebecca.”  But, eventually Rebecca convinced him she loved him and he said that he now “understands.”

So it looks like once he understood, he forgave her. But, the coverage we saw didn’t go down well with Rebecca. Taking to her Instagram, she felt that the producers left out quite a bit and hardly gave them much coverage. In the show, she said she felt “sick” afterward. In fact, she looked nearly as ready to cry on her Instagram as she did on the 90 Day Fiance show.

Rebecca nearly cries with disappointment, but fans try and cheer her up

On her Instagram, late Sunday night, Rebecca shared her feelings in a video. She said, “They didn’t really show too much of us tonight. So, we have only one more week to find out…how Zied and I made out in the end.”

The 90 Day Fiance star also said, “I’m kind of disappointed. I am kind of ready to discuss what happened I guess we wait until next week.”

Rebecca also captioned the video, “Feeling sick right now, and disappointed with tonight’s episode. One more week.”

Of course, Rebecca’s got lots of followers who love her a lot. They might not always agree with her decisions, but she owns up to them and handles haters with humor when she can. So many people said they felt her pain, but wished her and Zied all the best. Others noted how hard it must be to live with a nondisclosure agreement.

One follower said, “your followers should understand for the most part and maybe you will have the opportunity after the episodes air to speak on whatever you feel disappointed about.”


Comfort for unhappy Rebecca Parrot

Many other 90 Day Fiance fans said nice things to Rebecca to try and cheer her up. Here are a few of those comments:

  • “we all love and enjoy you Rebecca. Speaking for myself because you are independent you have your own career, authentic and down to earth. I have really enjoyed getting a glimpse into your life this season.”
  • “Aww Rebecca I’m looking at the comments and I can tell you’re really sad. I’m sorry (big hugs).”
  • “It’s so weird how they don’t show equal amounts of the couples! Well at least a similar amount. Bored to death by Ceasar Akiyni and Benjamin tonight. Too much of them.”
  • “Stay Strong. How ever it turns out I hope you’re happy. You are a beautiful soul. Favorite.”
  • “Hang in there this is got to be so emotional for u to relive.”

What did you think of the scene in the desert and Rebecca Parrot being so disappointed by her segment of the show? Do you hope she gets to tell the full story soon? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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