Lindsie Chrisley Calls Out Sister Savannah On Social media – ‘Fake,’ Needs ‘Help’

Lindsie Chrisley with Dr Phil

Lindsie Chrisley just notched up the feud between Todd’s other daughter Savannah and herself. Late Friday, she took to her Instagram Stories and shared what looks like comments and texts by Savannah. In response, Lindsie called out Savannah and calling her “fake” and needing “help.” Actually, it followed the chat we saw go down with her and Doctor Phil on Thursday.

Lindsie Chrisley hits Instagram to call out her sister Savannah

The IG Story came with a set of screenshots made up into one long dialogue. First, at the top, Lindsie wrote, “@savannahchrisley honey your fakery is up. Stop playing all sides like you’ve always done to get yourself ahead. You’re fake & you need help.” Ouch! Additionally, she said, one assumes as a result of her interview with Dr. Phil, “Correction, I’m continuously answering back to the things that have been put out.”

In fact, the interview came on YouTube. It shows that once again, Lindsie Chrisley talked about her allegations that Todd and Chase threatened her with the release of an intimate tape. In the interview, Lindsie never denied getting the government involved in the cases against her father. But, says she denies being a source of information. If you’re not aware of it, we noted that Todd Chrisley brought a lawsuit against Joshua Waites. Todd allegedly claimed she dished up some dirt on the family for him. She claims Todd said she had an affair with him.

The feud in Todd Chrisley’s family seems far from over

The whole family seems embroiled in Lindsie Chrisley’s estrangement these days. Now, it’s not just her dad and Chase who get sniped at. Actually, judging from the calling out of Savannah this weekend, things aren’t improving. So, those fans hoping for a family reconciliation could wait a very long time. The IG Stories post also showed where a fan asked Savannah about Lindsie going on the Dr. Phil interview. The fan feared that Lindsie’s “on a mission to trash you all.”

To that, Savannah answered, “Normally the ones who continuously speak…[just] cover up their own lies. If you’ve watched our family, you’d know who we are. God bless.” In fact, forgiveness looks far away as Savannah followed that up with other comments. One of those reminds fans about “the horrid things” she did to them. But, the next message looks like texts between Savannah and Linsdsie. Oddly, it looks like Savanah might waver on where she stands with someone in her family.

Lindsie Chrisley calls out Savannah
Image credits – Lindsie Chrisley | Instagram Stories

Is Savannah wavering, playing both sides of the game?

One screenshot, which we assume came from Lindsie’s phone showed Savannah said something a bit mystifying. It said, “He’s honestly showing his true colors and everyone’s seeing it including the producers.” Lindsie’s response: “What?!? Is all of this a lie?” To that, Savannah allegedly texted back, “Swear to God.” Well, we cant be certain Savanah talked about her dad Todd. For all, we know it could be about her fiance Nic Kerdiles. In fact, rumors run that they try and work something out.

Whatever went down, it certainly shows us that once again, the feud’s not going away. What do you think about Lindsie Chrisley calling out her sister Savannah on social media? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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