‘The Little Couple’ Season Is Over, Jen Arnold Continues Posting About Will & Zoey

The Little Couple Zoey and Will

The Little Couple is so popular with fans of TLC. The latest season only ended weeks ago. Already fans clamor for the dates of a new season. While the season’s done for now, Jen Arnold at least keeps fans happy with pictures of Zoey and Will. This weekend, she shared the kids at a birthday party. Proudly, she showed off the paintings they did.

The Little Couple Jen Arnold, husband Bill and the kids Zoey and Will live in Florida

Fans know that Jen Arnold, a doctor, took up a senior position at a hospital in St. Petersburg. Of course, as that’s in Jen’s original state, she got super-excited about moving back home. They bought a lovely home but needed to evacuate for a while because of a hurricane. Living in the Snell Isle neighborhood means inclement weather sometimes goes their way. And this weekend, with Tropical Storm Nestor running rampant across parts of Florida, they opted for an indoor birthday party.

Zoey and Will went off to a birthday party, and maybe because of the weather, they ended up at a party that involved painting indoors.

The Little Couple mom seems very taken with the idea as well, and she shared about it twice on her Instagram. It looks like the kids not only enjoyed it, but also have a lot of talent.

Will and Zoey, two budding artists

The first photos that Jen Arnold shared, showed the two kids starting their paintings. Jen captioned that one with, “Painting birthday party!” The two photos in the post showed Will and Zoey just starting off. Will started by painting the outline of one edge of a penguin, and Zoey went for a moody green-colored background.

“Paint parties are so much fun!! Looks like Will and Zoey are lovin’ it!” one fan of The Little Couple commented. Another commented on the weather noting, “How fun. I hope you are safe. It looked like you were [getting] a lot of rain.

In the second post, fans who hoped for pictures of the final outcome got to see the pictures. Jen posted up the completed paintings. Once again, there were two pictures, so people need to swipe or click right to see Zoey’s artistic efforts. Fans noted how very talented Will is. His painting’s totally within all the lines, bright, and quite precise. One fan said, “Will just makes me smile because he exudes happiness and total enjoyment.”

Meanwhile, Zoey’s painting never had the bright little happy hearts all over it. She stayed with dark and light greens, no sky, and a rather forlorn-looking penguin.


Do you think a painting party’s a great idea for bad weather? Are you happy to see Jen Arnold sharing pictures of Will and Zoey while the next season’s on hold? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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