TLC Is About To Get ‘Unpolished’ With A New Show Coming To Bring New Blood

Lexi Martone, Instagram

The salon for fabulous nails in Long Island is about to get a starring role in a new show for TLC, Unpolished. The show will follow salon owners of Salon Martone, Lexi and Bria. One is a nail art wizard and the other is a hair wizard. Both of the sisters love fashion and beauty.

Lexi Martone says she’s been doing nails since she was nineteen and has kept it up for the past seven years. Rouding out the two sisters are Foxy, their grandmother who does hair and what she wants and their mother, Jen who helps with the business. Their dad, Big Mike is also in the picture.

What Will Unpolished Be About When It Comes To TLC

Lexi Martone is a sought after nail artist by high society, regular clients, and celebrities. They large family is Italian and has stated they enjoy drama. One of the taglines for Unpolished is, “the only thing more over-the-top that Lexi’s nail art is her family.” In the preview for the show below from Newsday, all four pose for pictures in sexy black dresses. They all run the salon and the preview shows them yelling over dinner and at work.

These characters already come across as big personalities in the promo below. The cast talks about things you should know about Lexi Martone. Most notably she wishes she had witches’ powers and she created a holiday of her own combining Halloween and Christmas. A look at her Instagram shows she loves witches and things on the spooky side. The nail art is stunning and very impressive.

The Nail Artist Also Likes To Bake Spooky Treats

Lexi Martone also was on Bakers vs. Fakers and she is on Cake Boss Buddy Valastro’s YouTube as the Cupcake Witch. She likes to bake after she leaves the salon and enjoys creating spooky concoctions. For an interview with Nails Mag

Lexi said about the similarities of nail art and food art, “I love working on small canvases so they both allow me to create art on a small scale.” There’s no denying she’s super talented at both, just check out her Adam’s Family cookies and nail designs.

TLC has had success with shows in the area like the Long Island Medium. Unpolished will air on November 17th and six episodes have been ordered so far according to MyIClickTV. The big personalities plus their creativity is sure to make for a fun and entertaining show.

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