‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Says Grand-Parenting’s Exhausting But Satisfying

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Sister Wives‘ Janelle Brown’s loving being a grandparent. What she’s not loving so much is the distance between her daughter, Maddie Brown Brush, and Flagstaff these days. Maddie and Caleb produced the only Brown family grandchildren so far, and Janelle dotes on Axel and the new baby Evie-K. But, while sometimes it’s exhausting, grand-parenting’s still very satisfying for her.

Sister Wives grandmother Janelle Brown lives very far away from North Carolina

Caleb and Maddie Brown Brush lived with Janelle at one stage. That’s because Caleb suffered from ill-health. But in January this year, they moved to North Carolina. The move came after Caleb got a job offer there. At the time, TV Shows Ace mentioned how hard that distance would be for Janelle Brown. “North Carolina lies far away on the east coast of the USA, and that amounts to at least 32 hours on the road from Flagstaff. Obviously, the Brown family could fly much faster, but 2,000 miles really is a long way,” we wrote. And, now Janelle just spent 36 hours of travel time getting there and back.

Janelle took to her Instagram to tell Sister Wives fans about her marathon trip across the country. Recently, Maddie stayed with her mom in Flagstaff and we noted they used the opportunity to get a photo of four generations. In the cute pic, Janelle, her mom, Maddie, and little girl Evie-K all featured in one picture. But when it came time to leave, Caleb left and Maddie stayed behind for a bit of extra time with her mom. So, Janelle explained that she flew back to NC with Maddie.

Exhausting trip but satisfying for Grandma Brown

Janelle shared a photo of Axel fast asleep and captioned it with, “Spent the last 36 hours flying back to North Carolina with Maddie and returning home again.” That seems a very long time, but Janelle explained a bit more. “Caleb had to leave early to return to work and I wanted Maddie to stay with the kids. So I offered to help.” The Sister Wives star admits, “It was a real adventure traveling with two babies. My hat is off to parents who do it alone. Axel slept a little the first of flight and then finally fell asleep again during final descent on the last leg of the trip lol.”

Of course, fans of the Brown family commented on the marathon round trip. One follower said, “I remember thinking after flying with a 3 yr old and 6 month old with a stroller, pumping bag, and 2 carry-ons, a 30 min layover that if I could do THAT, I could do anything. 😂 It felt like [I] ran a marathon.” Another can’t imagine doing that, noting, “Oh my lord…that’s crazy 36 hours. I can’t even imagine that. I’m in New Zealand and you can fly from Auckland top of NZ north island to Invercargill bottom of NZ south island in 2 hours. That’s the whole of my beautiful country.”


From so close to so far away

Actually, the distance must be hard on Janelle. As one Sister Wives fan pointed out: “And thinking you guys were living next to each other in Las Vegas you could see your grandbabies whenever and now 😢😢😢😢.” What do you think? Do you live miles and miles away from your precious family? Would you travel 36 hours to spend a bit of extra time with them? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

Remember to check back with TV Shows Ace often for more news about the Brown family of TLC’s Sister Wives.

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