Jana Duggar Has No Words When Asked About Being Pressured To Get Married

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With the new season of Counting On premiering a lot of things are different and a lot of things are the same. One thing that seems to be consistent is Jana Duggar staying single. When the producers decided to ask her some questions about it, she reportedly didn’t know what to say. Jana seems to be living her best life posting pictures hanging out with her mom and her niece.


Being the first daughter in the Duggar family, a lot thought she’d be the first one to get married. At this point she hasn’t even had a courtship. Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy have all gotten married and had children within the last decade. It’s not uncommon for her to get asked when she’d going to get married.

Fans Shipped Jana Duggar With Lawson Bates

Rumors have swirled that Jana and Lawson Bates were going to enter into a courtship. The two are similar with both being from religious families and reality television. The Bringing Up Bates star seems to have a lot in common with However, Jana has denied any rumors with anyone when it comes to romance and insists she’s waiting for the right person according to The Cheat Sheet.

Producers of the show asked her in the preview if she feels pressure to get married. In the clip, Jana gives them what some have though is a look of concern and then has nothing to say. She’s usually very confident about her single status so fans noticed the hesitation.


Counting On Fans Follow Her Closely

Theories have circulated that there are different reasons Jana Duggar hasn’t gotten married. Fans think maybe she’s helping her parents with the children and the house so they’ve encouraged her not to. Others think maybe she wants to find her own way before she enters into a relationship. It could really just be that she hasn’t found the right person yet. A source said she didn’t want to make the wrong decision and end up in an unhappy marriage. The Duggars put a lot of emphasis on getting married and having children so it’s unclear if they’ve discussed Jana and her plans for the future.

No matter the reason, speculation will continue to run wild. Fans will be beside themselves when a relationship finally happens. Since the clip cut off fans will have to wait until the next episode to see what she says about the pressure.

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