‘NCIS’ Showrunners Hint Tony DiNozzo May Be Reason Ziva David Remains Hidden!

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NCIS fans are anxiously awaiting the Tiva reunion. They are tweeting everyday with #Tiva. But, unknown details make it seem complicated for Ziva David and Tony DiNozzo’s happily ever after. The NCIS showrunners have already hinted at issues, as did Ziva in her Season 17 return. What do we know?

Ziva David reunites with everyone, but Tony and Tali

Since her return to NCIS, Ziva has made many reunions. She had it out with Gibbs. Timothy McGee saw her and uncharacteristically lied for her. Jimmy and Dr. Mallard happily reunited with Ziva. She met Ellie, the woman who now has her desk. The agent protected her secret. And hysterically, she made tough guy Nick Torres dumbstruck, before she kinda, sorta, beat him up.

But, to diehard Tiva fans, the biggest reunions are yet to come. First with Tali, her daughter. This is the emotional reunion. She pretended to die in order to protect her daughter. She is staying undercover because she believes that those who want to kill her do not know of Tali’s existence.

Of course, the second highly anticipated reunion is with Tony DiNozzo. That is the romantic reunion. Fans have long wanted the Tiva reunion and have long wished for a really proper and romantic sendoff. But, the NCIS writers are not about to quickly make this reunion happen and give Tiva fans a Hallmark ending. Instead, it appears the Tiva situation is going to be far more complicated. A bit like a maze.

Is Ziva David staying hidden because of Tony DiNozzo?

This NCIS showrunner Steve Binder told TVLine that Ziva David is staying hidden due to Anthony DiNozzo’s “possible involvement.” It appears that Ziva is currently in danger, and it stems from the circumstances surrounding the time she “died” in Israel five years ago. Binder hints that we don’t exactly know where DiNozzo is hiding now, either. But, Binder promises, “answers will be forthcoming.”

In the second episode of the season, “Into The Light,” while Gibbs and Ziva talk, Tony calls Gibbs. Gibbs shows Ziva the phone with Tony’s name on it. Ziva reveals to Gibbs that Tony doesn’t know she is alive. Gibbs tells Ziva:”He should hear [the truth] from you.” Her response is, “And he will.”

There is no indication that Ziva is actually hiding from Tony. But, she is still quite mysterious about him and a lot of other things. Now fans may want to know, is the Tiva relationship complicated because Ziva David does not trust Tony DiNozzo? Or is Ziva worried about Tony’s safety? Could those little pills she is taking alter her current reality, making her imagine issues with Tony? Are the underground people she is now trusting actually manipulating her? So many questions!

Although Cote de Pablo is only scheduled to appear in a small handful of Season 17 episodes, the showrunners have repeated stated that her return and her presence will certainly dominate the season. There clearly will be many references to her, and the promise of more answers. This includes the promise of the return of Robert Wagner playing the senior DiNozzo. Could there be some bombshell revelations there?

Will Anthony DiNozzo return to NCIS?

The biggest question of all is will Tony return to NCIS? The NCIS showrunners are not about to show their cards. Binder has already stated, “we like surprises.” If and when Anthony DiNozzo returns, it will be a “surprise.” There are many reasons that this may never happen, because of logistics.

Of course, Michael Weatherly is starring in his own show, Bull. It films in New York, unlike NCIS, which films in Los Angeles. But Cote de Pablo lives in NYC, and she and Weatherly are currently working together on developing a new CBS drama, MIA.

But, this is all CBS and they are not about to let their number one rated show lose out on a storyline that has reinvigorated a franchise 17 seasons in! Who’s to say that Cote and Michael meet in New York and film a satisfying reunion? Surely, CBS can afford to send a small crew to film that?

Nonetheless, Steven Binder is still holding his cards close to his chest as he told USA Today, “We’re very well aware of the Tony-Ziva connection and the fans’ desire and response to it.”

Tiva fans, what do you think? Will a reunion happen? How do you think Ziva David and Tony DiNozzo will meet again? Share your comments and be sure to check back with TV Shows Ace for the latest on Tiva and NCIS. NCIS Season 17 airs on Tuesday nights, on CBS.

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