PK And Dorit Kemsley Of ‘RHOBH’ Settle Lawsuits And Are Looking Forward To Moving On

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Dorit Kemsley of RHOBH and her husband have had a lot of legal drama in the past few months. Not only did someone from her swimwear line sue her for money, but Nicos Kirzis said PK owed him millions then the accounts got frozen. Dorit frantically tried to keep her own money saying it was made on her own and not PK’s, but they were married so that’s not how it works. Dorit didn’t seem to slow down on the spending having a very lavish birthday celebration for herself complete with a new car.

Then it was revealed PK had been putting money into Dorit’s accounts. The whole time, Dorit said everything was fine, but none of the financial issues they were having appeared on RHOBH. While they haven’t confirmed it, it seems they paid what they owed. Nicos is releasing all claims against PK Kemsley according to The Blast.  In an interview with Too Fab the reality star said, “everything is perfect, going good. There is no money issue, no issue.”

Dorit Kemsley And Her Husband Can Move Forward Now

Not only is the lawsuit with Nicos over for Dorit Kemsley and her husband, but it seems they all are. Someone close to PK said, “in one day the music manager closed the chapters on all pending matters.” That means they paid off all their debt so they closed all their lawsuits! Their attorney told the press that the matters weren’t that concerning to the Kemsleys. He said they were made to appear like they were having much more trouble with it than they were. The Blast points out they were only being sued for a collective thirty-two million.

Their legal troubles may be over, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need money. According to Realtor, they’ve relisted their mansion for less than they first put it on the market. That was two years ago when Dorit Kemsley and PK had just bought it a little under a year earlier. Now that they’ve cut the price down they are hoping it will sell quickly. With the money woes behind her, she took some time with Teddi Mellencamp to take their kids to the pumpkin patch. Dorit took Jagger who’s five and Phoenix who’s three to the fall festivities. Teddi took son Cruz who’s five and daughter Slate who’s six according to OK. She is also pregnant with her third child. With their legal woes behind them, PK and Dorit can settle back into the usual drama of being part of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.


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