’90 Day Fiance’ Alum Jesse Meester Says He’s A Psychologist, Receives Backlash From Jon Walters

90 Day Fiance Jesse Meester

90 Day Fiance alum Jesse Meester proudly proclaimed he’s a psychologist now. If he hoped for many congratulations, he’d be sadly disappointed on blogger John Yate’s Instagram page. Another TLC alum, Jon Walters bashed at him, as did followers. Fans might recall that Jesse featured with Darcey Silva in a previous season.

90 Day Fiance alum Jesse Meester’s proud announcement about being a psychologist

On social media, Jesse shared his proud moment. Blogger and social media guru John Yates copied it over to his Instagram account. In his post, Jesse said, “Officially graduated as a psychologist today.” Next, he thanked the people who supported him. Jesse explained that he managed to “work a full-time week” during his four years of studies. That’s how long it took him to get his Bachelor’s degree. Plus, the 90 Day Fiance alum noted that it took “years of courses and education to get here.”

Celebrating his achievement, he added, “All that I am, all that will become will be written through my thoughts and actions.” Plus, he took note that some people probably doubt him and he will face more “obstacles.” And, for him, the journey’s not over yet. He agrees that “you can do anything you set your mind to.”

Jesse also said that he’s “only just getting started” and advised people to “never stop investing in themselves.” And, one thing got he got right: plenty of “doubters” emerged on Instagram.

Jon Walters bashes at Jesse Meester

If you don’t recall, Jon Walters married Rachel. He lives in the U.K. and she’s struggling to get him a visa waiver for the USA as he has a criminal conviction for assault. We saw him in Season 2 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days.

On the IG post by John Yates, Jon said, “This is like hearing a paedo got a teaching licence.” Ouch. Then he and  John Yates got into a bit of a banter about it. Jon asked, “If Paul and Jesse were in a house fire and you only had time to save one abusive sociopath. What sandwich would you make?”

John Yates kicked off the comments by noting, “definitely tuna – I’d have to chop up the tomatoes celery and onions and that’s pretty time consuming.” When Jon suggested “sundried tomatoes” as well, Yates said, “oh I’m not that fancy – but maybe for the occasion.”

Of course, lots of time-consuming sandwich ideas came from other fans. Without exception, all of them would take far too long to make to rescue either Paul or Jesse. One of them said, “Well, for one thing, Paul the arsonist, probably set the fire anyway…”

Fans react to Jesse and his psychologist achievement

A big discussion arose as to whether Jesse Meester could claim to call himself a psychologist or a doctor after only four years of studies. Apparently, in the USA people need a masters and other internships. But, some followers noted that not all countries apply the same standards. However, even if he could classify himself as a psychologist, not too many 90 Day Fiance fans would put up their hands for treatment by him. One noted they’d rather give themselves a “lobotomy.” Another said that “All we know is that Jesse has graduated as a Bull sh*t artist and he is planning on giving advice online.”


One fan slapped a big ‘ouch’ on Jesse Meester, noting, “I hope all potential clients Google his name prior to utilizing his illusions.”

What do you think? Are you surprised to see people like Jon Walters bashing at Jesse who obviously studied hard for his Bachelor’s degree? Or do you agree Jesse really came over as super-annoying during his season on the TLC show? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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