Hannah Brown Annoyed Over ‘DWTS’ Romance Rumors

'DWTS' Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten via Instagram

Rumors have been flying that former Bachelorette Hannah Brown has started a showmance with dancing partner Alan Bersten. Speculation from fans has been intense. Fans just want Alabama Hannah to find love and be happy. She has been through a tough year of heartbreak. The biggest one was her breakup with Jed Wyatt. So what’s true and what isn’t regarding Hannah and Alan?

Hannah Brown speaks out about her status with Alan

While Hannah expresses how thankful she is for the opportunities she has been given, she admitted it can get frustrating. E!News caught up with Hannah and asked her some questions about her time on Dancing With the Stars, including, Alan Bersten. Since the DWTS premiere fans have been thinking they see a connection between Hannah and Alan.

Hannah says she understands how fans could think there is something there. They have gotten to know her and seen her in relationships. They want her to be in a relationship and be to be happy. She said, “Yeah. I mean, look, I’m so thankful for the opportunity I have now. This is, honestly, the investment of my life that people have is through my relationships. And so I think I would be stupid to think that that’s just gonna go away.”


Neither Alan nor Hannah have given a straight answer

While it appears there is nothing romantic going on, the two do joke around about their status, leaving fans wondering if maybe they are just not shouting it out to the world. They recently took a day off from dancing and enjoyed each other’s company at Disneyland.

Hannah seems to think she needs to work on herself for awhile so maybe she is keeping Alan in the friend zone, for now anyway. She said, “I try to make it very clear that I am really focused on the dancing right now. I’ve been through a lot of relationships here lately and so I think it’s time to work on and do this for me.”

Bersten has not said much about the rumors. However, he did joke around saying, “Whatever happens, happens. But we’re just focusing on dance.”

How is Hannah holding up through DWTS

Aside from all the romance rumors with Alan, Hannah says dancing is taking a huge toll on her feet. She even said she currently wears a size larger shoe to accommodate her swollen feet. Hannah says while she has always been active, this is a whole other level and it’s very hard.

Don’t miss Dancing With the Stars as Hannah and Alan continue their dancing journey to the mirrorball trophy. DWTS airs on ABC.


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