’90 Day Fiance Tell-All’ Spoilers: Evelin Forgets Corey’s Engagement Ring

90 Day Fiance Evelin and Corey

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way draws to a conclusion and the Tell-All comes in just a few days. Last week, we saw Corey propose to Evelin in a romantic air balloon trip. Now, a sneak peek of the preview got released, and we see a rather evasive Evelin talking via the video feed. And, amazingly enough, she ‘forgot’ to wear her ring. She also had a list of demands before committing to a wedding.

90 Day Fiance Tell-All spoilers about Corey and Evelin

We already heard quite a lot of spoilers about Corey Rathgeber and the Tell-All. Most of those remained in the rumor category until the short preview at the end of the last episode. There, we saw confirmation that Corey got the shock of his life. In fact, he needed some counseling. But, perhaps he could have realized Evelin’s not really into him. After all, the audience of the TLC show figured that out ages ago.

People got ahold of the exclusive sneak peek and shared it out on Friday. In the Tell-All, Corey looks very happy with his life that’s about to get shattered. Host, Shaun Robinson, asks about the delays in their wedding. After all, Evelin accepted the 90 Day Fiance star’s engagement ring. But Evelin gets rather vague, saying it’s too short a time to sort out all the wedding details. Then Corey lists the demands Evelin made before committing to a wedding.

Evelin’s demands before she marries Corey

Corey tells Shawn that Evelin wants him to lose weight and get a muscular body. Corey explains, “I need a six-pack and then we can get married.” Oh, wait! There’s more. He needs to speak Spanish a lot better, and “immerse myself in the culture more.” Well, fair enough, learning the language and culture a bit more might not be too bad an idea. After all, he’s planning to spend the rest of his life with Evelin at the beach bar in Ecuador.

Evelin laughs about her demands, noting that Corey “got a lot of weight on.” She also criticized him for not doing anything to get to her six-pack demands. Then came the embarrassing part for Corey. Either a little bird in Ecuador told the 90 Day Fiance host, or she picked up too much hesitancy, but she asked Evelin to hold up her hands. Evelin did, and she’s not wearing a ring.

Eveline says she ‘forgot’ the engagement ring

When pushed on that, the quite unpopular 90 Day Fiance woman said she “forgot” it. When Corey looks hurt and shocked, she adds, “I’m so sorry…I literally just realized it this morning and I was like ‘oh no!'” Meanwhile, the other cast members watching in another room can’t get over it. Jenny says, “If Sumit put a ring on this finger, it would never come off…not ever. I would superglue that thing to my finger and it would never come off.”

What do you think about Evelin who “forgot” her wedding ring? After all, the entire storyline of the show was about Corey and her getting engaged to be married. Perhaps fans are right, and she never wanted to wed Corey, rather seeing him as a financial investment. It’s unlikely she’d “forget” her bank balance, after all. Sound off your thoughts in the comments below. If you wish to view the preview, you can navigate back to the People link in this story.

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