Duggar Fans Defend Joy-Anna Forsyth For Hunting Elk

Duggar family daughter Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth

Duggar fans know that Joy-Anna grew up very much a tomboy. Preferring the company of her brothers, as a child she loved the outdoors. Often, we saw her out and about handing guns, camping, and generally being pretty much hands-on. Obviously her shooting skills meant she learned to enjoy hunting. Now out on an Elk hunting expedition, she crew some criticism. But, loyal fans stepped in to defend her.

Duggar daughter Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth enjoy the outdoors and hunting

Many fans felt sure Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth would become a cute couple, as they both enjoy the outdoors. On Thursday night she posted about their current trip to Colorado where they enjoy hunting Elk. Sharing a pretty picture of Colorado with some early October snow, she seemed very happy. Her caption read, “Y’all! I got to come with the guys this year on their Elk Hunting trip! It’s freezing cold and we have already done a ton of hiking, but we’re excited cuz we’ve already spotted some elk!👏🏼 Can’t wait for opening morning!”

Well, not everyone got overjoyed to hear that she’s out enjoying the slaughter of animals. After all, these days, many anti-hunting activists rack up the hype on social media. Even those who love the Duggar couple, still felt it wrong that she could possibly enjoy killing wild animals. However, most of her followers defended Joy-Anna, noting that meat is not made in supermarkets.

Fans criticize Joy-Anna, but loyal fans defend her hunting Elk

Responding to the post, one follower commented, “sorry, how is shooting and killing an innocent animal (who is likely part of a family) fun?” Another said, “love the Duggars, but I hate the sport of hunting… even if they eat the meat. Never will I understand how it is that people can love killing.” Likewise, another follower said, “right?! Who’s excited to slaughter animals….?” Yet another noted, “No amount of justification from anyone will change my mind on this most barbaric of sports. Different opinions.”

However loyal fans and those who enjoy hunting defenced Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth. One of them noted, “My dad is a hunter and a conservationist. Does he enjoy hunting? Yes. But he will tell you it’s not about the kill but the ability to feed his family and to help the environment through keeping the numbers controlled. He grew up dirt poor and most nights if they didn’t kill squirrels or rabbits they wouldn’t have enough to eat. Are there some who enjoy killing? Yes. I’ve met some of them. But most hunters I know feel the way my dad does. Better meat for sure and definitely helping the environment.”


Meanwhile, others feel that hunting’s fine and that as long as they eat the animals there’s nothing wrong with it. They feel it’s “cleaner” than grocery meat as it does away with the packaging and there’s no waste. What do you think? Do you think Joy-Anna Forsyth enjoying hunting Elk is a good or bad thing? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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