‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Speculation: Did Demi Burnett And Kristian Haggerty Split?

'Bachelor in Paradise' Couple Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty via Instagram

Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise had its first same sex proposal this summer. Demi Burnett proposed to Kristian Haggerty on the season finale of the show. Kristian accepted, then on the Paradise reunion show she proposed to Demi and gave her a ring as well. Demi spent a lot of time with Derek Peth this summer, but came to the conclusion it was Kristian who she really wanted. However, after saying Kristian is her forever, there is now speculation that perhaps there is trouble in Paradise. 

Demi clears the air about her relationship with Kristian

US Weekly spoke with Demi to get her thoughts on all the speculation that she and Kristian are having issues. Apparently, since the two do not post pictures on social media together very often, some viewers are speculating that maybe they are not together anymore. Demi had not posted about Kristian since September 19 and that got many wondering what was going on.

Demi says the speculation is simply not true. She said they are still together, going strong and very much engaged. Demi said, “Every relationship is different and it’s like — I mean in the most respectful way — it’s nobody’s business how our relationship works. We both have so much going on right now.” She went on to say, “She’s in Florida, I’m in New York but we do spend time together. Just because we don’t broadcast it doesn’t mean that we’re not together.”


Are Demi and Kristian planning a wedding?

Demi says they are happy, but are not planning a wedding just yet. The couple does not live together either. In fact, they live in different areas. Demi said,

“We’re not too far apart. I think it’s important to kind of have our space just so, you know, we can develop a normal, very solid, steady relationship. If you just jump into it and just rush everything, for me personally, that’s not how I could have a successful relationship. I have to definitely take it at a steady pace. We’re definitely just dating right now. There’s so much going on for both of us that it’s like, ‘Oh, planning a wedding right now just sounds so intense.’ So we’re definitely taking it slow and just enjoying our time together.”

So for now Demi and Kristian are happy living life as they are. Fans will just have to wait to see if the happy couple decides to take the next step and move in together or even better, plan their wedding.

Bachelor in Paradise won’t be back until next summer, but Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor will air in January 2020 on ABC.

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