‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Peter Weber’s Got A Bunch Of Dramatic Pageant Girls On The Show

The Bachelor Peter Weber

The Bachelor leaks steadily come from Reality Steve on Twitter and Instagram. Of course, we know Peter Weber’s the leading man this year. Already, he has ran into some bad luck. TV Shows Ace reported that he fell and ended up with stitches on his face. But, he also has to deal with a bunch of dramatic pageant girls on this season.

The Bachelor sees the dramatic things pageant girls can do

Of course, bringing girls from the pageant arena has happened before on the Bachelor Nation show. Reality Steve reminds us,who can forget “the Hannah/Caelynn bickering last season?” On his Twitter, he notes, “And let me just say this: the pageant world is a messy, messy, messy place. You thought the Hannah/Caelynn bickering last season was bad, just wait til this season’s sh*t storm rolls in. Manufactured drama, of course, but it will dominate the first few episodes.”

The show’s already filming, and Reality Steve also leaked the Episode 4 girls who made it through. Now down to 12 of them, they don’t include Lauren M. Marie Claire reported that she allegedly eliminated herself. Plus, Alayah Benavidez won’t be there despite appealing for a second shot at Peter’s heart. She got re-sent away. Big surprise, the suspected front-runner, Sarah Coffin is reportedly also out. And, of course, the rumors persist that Hannah B makes an appearance on the show.

The pageant winners on Peter Weber’s show

Keeping track of all the spoilers is never easy. But, Marie Claire tracked down the pageant girls. These include, “Miss Texas 2019, Miss Louisiana 2019, Miss Tennessee contestant, a former Miss Iowa 2017, a former pro cheerleader, a Price Is Right winner…and several models.” But, so far we only have Reality Steve‘s word for the pageant-style bickering and drama. Looking back at past  Bachelor shows, fans will probably see plenty of drama.

On Reality Steve‘s post, The Bachelor fans expressed their dismay about the pageant girls in Peter Weber’s life. Here’s what some of them said:

  • “Already sick of them casting pageant girls.”
  • “Mike wouldn’t have let this happen.”
  • “Honestly it would have happened regardless of who they chose for Bachelor unfortunately!”
  • “It’s so annoying. They know they go on the show and will get a following to make money on IG post. All these pageant woman and a girl who dated a celebrity. Red flags everywhere.”
  • “No one wants to watch that drama again.”
  • “I am going to boycott The Bachelor series if they keep casting pageant girls.”
  • “I haven’t heard of anyone doing a pageant since honey boo boo….. please don’t let these girls flatter themselves.”

What do you think about the pageant girls on the show? Do you feel sorry for Peter Weber about their alleged dramatics? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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