Duggar: Anna’s 2-Year-Old Son Mason Gets Lost At Museum

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Currently, several members of the Duggar family are visiting Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo in Los Angeles. On this trip, the family has been documenting the highlights on social media. Of course, the family has chosen to leave out some of the not-so-good parts of their trip.

According to a source who spoke with Radar Online, Josh and Anna Duggar’s son, Mason, got lost at a museum. On October 8, the family visited the Autry Museum in Los Angeles. This museum focuses on the film industry and Western history.

The source spoke to Radar Online and said that Anna was heard asking, “Where’s Mason? Where’s Mason?” This was just one hour into the family’s museum outing. Then, Anna turned to a few of the Duggar girls and said, “You guys were supposed to be watching him! Where is he?” It’s likely that she asked Jordyn, Josie, or Jennifer to keep an eye on Mason.

Per the source, Anna was “circling around the maze of exhibits for two minutes”. Then, from another room, Jinger said, “It’s ok, Anna, I found him! He’s here with us.”

Throughout the whole scene, the source describes Josh as being “oblivious”. It sounds like he was not paying attention to the situation and might not have realized that his son was missing. Along with this, the source says, “Anna has a lot she’s dealing with and it doesn’t seem Josh has her back. She has to rely on other family members to watch her kids and she’s got another one on the way.”

Fortunately, the source says that the family looked like they were having a great time in Los Angeles. Aside from the stressful situation at the museum, things are going smoothly.

The Duggar family is visiting Los Angeles

As Duggar fans know, part of the Duggar family is in Los Angeles visiting Jeremy, Jinger, and Felicity Vuolo. Jeremy, Jinger, and Felicity made the move to Los Angeles over the summer. Though Jeremy’s parents have visited a few times, this is the first time the Duggar family has made it out for a trip.

So far, the family members are checking out all of the cool sights with the Vuolos. They visited the beach too. Fans are excited to see what else the Duggar family does while in Los Angeles. They are keeping fans up-to-date via social media too.

Counting On returns to TLC on Tuesday, October 15.

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