‘Riverdale’: Luke Perry Tribute Episode Is A Rough One For Cast And Fans

Mädchen Amick, Instagram

Fans have been anticipating the tribute episode of Riverdale for the former cast member, Luke Perry. Fans had been warned of what they could expect to feel from the episode.

Riverdale’s creator took to Instagram to prepare fans for the first episode

Robert Aguirre-Sacasa, the creator of the show, posted on Instagram this Tuesday, before the Season 4 premiere, “A Farewell to Fred Andrews.” He wanted to warn fans of the emotions to come.


The post featured a photo of Perry with his castmates, KJ Apa, Cole Sprouse, and Skeet Ulrich. Aguirre-Sacasa’s caption read, “Tonight Season 4 of #Riverdale premieres. With an episode that honors our friend Luke. I love this picture of him with the boys.” He continued on with a light-hearted warning to fans, “It’s an episode that’s bursting with sadness, but even more so with love.” He went on to say that he has been humbled by the work of the cast on the episode, regarding it as outstanding and heroic.

With that, he turned it over to his late friend Perry and ended his heartwrenching post, “I hope you like it, Luke. As Archie says about his dad, ‘You will always be a part of Riverdale.'”

Perry’s last appearance on Riverdale was in April and fans were left in tears. He passed seven months ago, in March, at the age of 52. He had been hospitalized after suffering from a stroke. Perry left behind two children, Jack, 22, and Sophie, 19.

According to TheBlast.com, in July it was announced that Shannen Doherty, Perry’s co-star on 90210, will appear in the first episode to pay tribute to her longtime friend.

Luke Perry is as much with the cast now as he was before, it’s his presence they miss the most

Since Perry’s passing in March, fans have been waiting for his death to be addressed. Fred Andrews has been mentioned as being away on a trip.  Archie has been staying with his mother, who is portrayed by Molly Ringwald.

The episode will reveal how Fred Andrews dies and its affects on the town, as well as the actors. The days of filming the episode were emotional for the cast and crew. UsWeekly reported that Skeet Ulrich said there was somebody being picked up off the floor because of their emotions every day of filming. Continuing on, saying it was his presence they missed, he is part of them now just as he was before. They missed his presence very deeply at that time, making it such a challenge for them all.

The cast of Riverdale had a difficult and tearful first table reading while beginning the rehearsal of the tribute episode.

Mädchen Amick, the actress who plays Alice Cooper, shared a photo of the cast during this time. She wrote a caption, saying, “There was nothing but love, memories, and mourning for our beloved Luke as we honor him in our first episode back.  #wemissyouluke.”

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