Duggar: Baby King Is Almost Here! Amy Is Having A C-Section Wednesday

Amy Duggar King Instagram

It’s a big day for the Duggar and King families! Amy and Dillon’s first baby is on his way and will be here very soon. On Wednesday morning, Amy shared an exciting announcement on Instagram. She and Dillon are standing outside of the hospital. They have shocked and excited expressions on their faces. Amy starts her caption with, “Brb.. we’re gonna go be parents now!!”

Duggar fans know that Amy is due in October. At the beginning of the week, she posted a picture and said that it’s “baby week”. Fans were thrilled about this post because it means that baby Daxton Ryan is coming soon. After Wednesday morning’s post, it looks like Daxton is arriving just on time.

Amy Duggar King updates fans on the delivery situation

When Amy posted the new picture, she gave fans a big update. She wrote, “Surprise!! Our little Daxton will be here today!! With my small frame and the fact that the Dr. Said theres an 85% chance I’d have an emergency situation. We went ahead and scheduled a cesarean to be on the safe side.”

Then, the Duggar relative expressed her feelings about the whole thing. She said, “I’m sure there will be negative comments. But I have to do what’s right for my body and what’s healthy for my son. I’ve been mentally and spiritually preparing myself for this I’m trying to relax, and not worry! But I’ve never had surgery before, I’ve never even stayed in a hospital before, so I’m just a ball of nerves…soo I’d appreciate your prayers!!!”


Before putting her phone away, Amy posted an Instagram story right before being wheeled into the delivery room. Duggar fans are anxiously waiting for an update from Amy or Dillon.

Amy Duggar King Instagram

Amy hints at being in labor

On Tuesday, the Duggar cousin shared a post hinting that she is in labor. She posted a picture of her baby bump with a sticker that says “coming soon!”. In her caption, she only used a smiling emoji, which left fans very curious.

Because of the post, fans thought that Amy was in labor. With today’s update, it seems like fans weren’t too off.

Amy ended her recent post by sharing her positive thoughts with Duggar fans. She wrote, “But in just a few hours our lives will be forever changed! I’m focused on God’s promises and that sweet little face!! Ok, daddy let’s do this!!!”

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