‘DWTS’: No More Smiley Pageant Girl – Hannah B Brings On The Mood With Alan Bersten

DWTS Hannah B

DWTS fans saw that Hannah B shared a photo of her looking grim and strong. TV Shows Ace noted, “Hannah took to her Instagram and shared a stunning, dark photo. Judging by that, there could be a future for her in Stars Wars, or as a super-heroine. And, those muscles!” Well, it looks like there’s a reason for this new style, and she explained more to E!News. Plus, we saw an obvious change in her demeanor on Monday night.

DWTS – Hannah B brings on the mood, dumps the pageant smile

E!News explains that when we saw Carrie Anna Inaba criticize Hannah for bringing a “cheerleader” ambiance to the dance floor, Hannah B got to smoldering over that. Mind you, Hannah explained that her background in pageantry called for that. “I was taught to put on this plastic smile. Even when times are tough, I learn to hide behind the smile,” she said. So, DWTS fans expected to see an angry Hannah in a mood. And, she uses both her anger at the critique and at her exes to work herself up into Hannah the moody beast with Alan Bersten.

In the interview shared by E!News, Hannah shared that she and Alan decided on a no-smile week for their paso doble. “On the dance floor, Brown wore a necklace that spelled “Beast” and a sheer bodysuit with a long black skirt. She smiled briefly and then swallowed the expression, going into hitman mode that lasted throughout the number, USA Today wrote. And, it looks that the no-smiling rules look good in her, judging by the photo we shared yesterday. Hannah gets into the no-smiling beat mood by entering “the rage room to let her aggression out.” Hannah says “These are all my ex-boyfriends!” as she smashes glass bottles with a bat.” And, presumably one of those bottles represents DWTS‘ Carrie Inaba, as well.


Which ex-boyfriends is Hannah smashing to work up the mood?

Well, when it comes to ex-boyfriends, Hannah’s got quite a lot to choose from. We know that Tyler C, Pilot Pete, Jedd Wyatt, and Luke P all failed in their endeavors to win her heart. But, Hannah B’s got previous men in her life as well. So, there could be a long line of exes waiting for her to smash their bottles to smithereens. Actually, TV shows Ace liked the not-smiling and moody DWTS character so much, we suggested Hannah B could easily fill the role “as a superheroine,” or star in a movie like “Star Wars.” Kick*ss feminist, a strong woman comes over so much better than fragile, vulnerable Hannah.


What do you think of our new Hannah B bringing on the mood With Alan Bersten? Did you prefer it to the smiley pageant girl Hannah? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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